Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hangin' with James!

We enjoyed our traditional pizza on Tuesday with Davis, Randall and James. Wednesday we went to the new Himalayan restaurant in Sebastopol with the whole Stachowicz lab! It was pretty fun, I amused our half of the table with magic tricks (make my hand dissappear) and showing off the rest of my skills. Thursday was super fun... Mommy and I went to the SF Zoo with James, Randall, David and James' Auntie Juila who is in town visiting. James' folks were particularly nice helping Mommy wrangle me... I was pretty excited. We had sooo much fun. I particularly liked the chimps. Friday was the Occidental Farmer's market. I was a little bit of trouble when we first walked down to the market, I was just hungry but made a bit of a stink at the flower stall. Let's just say Mommy had to purchase more flowers than she had intended and took me home but was a little irked at me. It was the first time that I really noticed she was upset and asked for forgiveness with hugs and kisses. After lots of love, we went back down and enjoyed some great music and Mom shared one of Lata's samosas and a smoothie with me. Saturday, Daddy went fishing so I hung around at home and in town with Mommy. We had a nice morning, but everyone had fun after my nap. We all went to meet up with James, David, Randall and Julia to do a little bit of wine tasting. We stopped at Lynmar and Dutton... Both were beautiful and had nice outside space to play in. We completed a beautiful afternoon with a yummy cook-out with James and his family. There was some wonderful cornstuff, porkloin and tomato cucumber salad! This is James's super excited face with the super excited clenched fists! Man, we love hanging out with James and his family... 'cause we met them at the Sebastopol Farmers' market on Saturday to play in the fountain and pick up some peaches, then headed over to Morten Warm Springs for the BML picnic! Such a great afternoon of food, egg-toss and the POOL! Love swimin' ... Daddy and I showed off some cool tricks... it was tough to leave. I also want to wish Great-Grandpa Jerry a very HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We're sending you birthday wishes and lots of Love. I have been working on my happy birthday song, but got a little shy on the phone.

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