Sunday, August 05, 2007

Farewells and fishes

This week, we wished Caden, Cascade and Matt happy travels to and good luck on their move to Massachusetts. We will miss having them here, but know they will have a lovely time in their new home. To commemorate their trip, we had a great Tuesday night pizza dinner with Champagne! It was also (the day before) Randall's birthday, so we had cake with berries and cream. I even tried to sing "Happy Birthday" to her, but got a little shy. Thursday we went over to Caden's house to see all of the boxes, to do a little painting, cleaning-up and eating! We took a little break to go to James' house so we could see Mommy and her coworkers on the news that night talking about the green crabs they work on! Cormac came as well with his folks Tessa and Brian. I hadn't seen him in a while, and he sure is getting big!I played with Emily and Kristen while my folks were running around. Kristen read Caden and me some good books. Well, happy travels Caden, Matt and Cascade... we miss you already! Friday Daddy took off for a fishing tourney in Elk. Mommy and I drove up to spend the day with him and the fellas after a nice walk with James and his folks on Saturday. Daddy caught some fish that were good for fish printing. I did a great blue print of a blue rock fish! I hung out with Levi, Jim, Naoaki and a bunch of other kayak fishers. Levi was showing me how to give a peace sign. I also got to play with Lily who showed me how to move lots of water bottles around and I showed her what fun fish painting could be.
I loved playing in the tent while Daddy tried to get a quick nap... thought I'd grab a few bucks from Dad's wallet while he wasn't looking. I really liked playing basketball in the tent by throwing a tennis ball into the mesh attic. I got pretty good!
Back at home, that night, I clunked my head... again... this time on the night stand, bending over as far as Mommy could tell. Still, I got quite a little knot. Today has been relatively mellow. Mommy and I went to the Sebastopol Farmer's Market in the morning for more peaches. There was a cool booth there that was serving fresh crushed apple juice...really, they crushed gravenstein apples them right in front of us. Free samples with as many refills as I could handle (that is three). Yum!

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