Sunday, September 30, 2007

apple pickin'!

Caden was out visiting this week, so we got to see how much he has grown in the last month! It was fun spending time with him and his folks. They re-joined us for pizza on Tuesday, Caden showed off his walking and crayon and pea munching skills. We had a great evening! Thursday, James and I went to the library for a special kids reading group. There was lots of songs and books and kids... all of the action kind of stunned me, but towards the end I started getting into the songs. That afternoon we played with Caden at the lab while his folks went to do some field work. Friday was another evening of fun and food. My folks made lasagna and we had great company with James, Randall, David, Caden, Cascade, Matt, Emily and Jarrett! We all played all evening long, I even tried to get Jarrett to read some books to me, but I think he was overwhelmed by the pile of nearly all of my books that I brought to him. Saturday Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom came out to help Mom and Dad pack a bit. After spending most of the afternoon and my nap time packing like crazy (our laundry room and shelves are looking bare!) we took a break for the beach. Although it was sunny, the wind was blowing and it was pretty chilly. Didn't stop be one bit... while the grown ups were huddled up, I was playing with the sand and kelp. That evening I charmed everyone at the Union and watched football while at dinner with the grandfolks. Mommy and Daddy had a really nice anniversary dinner together at Bistro des Copains in town (they keep gushing about the pots de creme... so it must have been good). Sunday I made pancakes... again, but they were extra special because I was sharing with Grandpa and Grandma. We met up with Randall, David and James in the morning at the Gabriel farm to pick some apples. They had a bunch of varieties, I just liked any I could reach! We all went home with a whole lot of apples, hopefully what they say will be true, and these 'll keep the Doctor away! After heading home and eating tons of leftovers from the Union, I took a good nap. I woke up and had a hankerin' to see some ducks so we went to the park where we ran into Cormac, his grandma and his parents Tessa and Brian. Cormac got to enjoy his first ride down the slide and had tons of fun on the swings! We stopped by Wildflour on the way home... I got to pick more raspberries! It's one of my favorite places ever to visit! After dinner tonight, I have had a splashy bath and spent all evening getting crazy in a packing box. I love boxes!

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