Sunday, September 09, 2007

Everybody say CHEESE!!!!

Monday, was labor day, so the folks and I got to hang out all day! Actually, we didn't do too much but put an offer in on another house ... the inspection is on Monday, we'll see how it goes this time! To relax a little we went to Wildflour which was packed with people also on holiday! To avoid the crowd we explored their wonderful garden with amazing sunflowers and I ate my way though the raspberry bushes.
Claire and Karen came up from southern California and we had such fun. Monday, they stopped by our house, we played very nicely together and shared some peach popscicles! Saw them again on Wednesday evening for a play date at Howarth park. We had a great time together, plus Mom and Karen seemed to enjoy catching-up while we played. We followed lots of playing with dinner at the Crepe escape... it was perfect for two wild and hungry kids! We got the place to ourselves so got to run around, watched them make then ate yummy crepes! Claire showed me all sorts of good things, like how to have good manners (pleases and thank yous galore), to share and would say "Everybody say CHEESE!" for the camera. Of course most of our pics now are big grimaces, but by the end of the evening I was saying "bede bede CHEESE!" too. The rest of the week has been pretty mellow, I fell on a paper roll, it got stuck. Grandma Steves sent me some sweet schoolbus jammies... I can point one out now (you can see me pointing to the book and my shirt).

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