Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fall in Sonoma

The weather is amazing, we had a nice week with lots of trips out to the lab! Yay... James is back in town! We had a fun Tuesday pizza with his family... the best pizza ever! I sure did miss him. I tried calling him on the phone, but couldn't figure out the the buttons. We played on my truck and had a good time. We spent two evenings at the lab this week... it was pretty sweet! On Wednesday it was Jenna's exit seminar.. congratulations Jenna! I sat quietly through the whole talk!

The party afterwards was worth it, it was fun to snack, play foosball and watch a coyote who came to snack on some mice. Thursday, Mommy and I met up with Randall and James at Salmon creek. We played in the sand for a while and had fun squeezing sand in our fists and eating sandy cheerios (Randall tried to keep them as sand-free as possible). After the beach, we headed to the cottage for a dinner party. They had some great exercise balls and a basket ball hoop (my new most favorite thing ever), so I had a blast. Especially showing off all of my animal signs and pointing to my nose, eyes, etc... I had those folks totally impressed. Friday was pretty mellow, just a lovely evening at home. Daddy and I picked up some flowers from the Occidental Farmer's Market before Mommy got home. Saturday morning I helped make pancakes... I love cooking. The mixing part was awesome. I wouldn't let anyone else help me. I then ate four big'uns all by myself! Mom and Dad were cleaning up the house and the shed in preparation for our big move. Oh I almost didn't mention our big news... We have a home in Portland! My folks put an offer on a house, and after some time and negotiations, we will be moving in at the end of October. It's a nice little ranch in the Woodstock area, walking distance to all sorts of things... Trader Joes, the Library, a park, restaurants, etc... Should be fun!

Anyhow, Saturday evening we went to Graton Day. Now that was cool. I got to meet some real firefighters who gave me a hat and badge to match theirs AND let me drive their truck! There were all sorts of great dogs (including one of my favorites.. corn munching Gage dog!), a big mechanical Gorilla and dragon, food, bands, and the very best thing of all.. a big chalkboard and a big box of sidewalk chalk (I spent a lot of time at the chalkboard... a lot!).
This morning I ran errands with Daddy, and finished off our peach Popsicles. This afternoon we had a great dinner at David, Randall and James's house. I loved the pilaf. We also got to see Emily, Suzanne, Keith and Gage. I need to learn to share a little better, but otherwise had a really fun evening playing with James and hanging out with everyone.

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