Sunday, September 02, 2007

Road Trip: Portland!

Well, as I mentioned we headed up to Portland this past week. The drive up was a little tough on me... I didn't sleep quite as much as my folks had hoped, so it took us a little over 15 hours (Ug... a long day for everyone). There's nothing like a little highway fun, we did stop at the "World's largest Grindstone". Dad and I hopped out to put our noses to it. Once we got to Portland, I did get to make a some new friends. We stayed with Cat, Chris and Benjamin for most of the week. They were super nice and we had a great time visiting with them. Most of our days were spent with Barbara, my folks' real-estate agent.... I liked her a lot too. She would play with me and had a stash of toys to keep me busy when my parents were looking for houses. We even got to spend evenings with some of the people Mom and Dad will be working with... there were lots of kids, so it was good meet some of my future playmates! Towards the end of the week, I got to stay with Linda, Matt and their pup Mika. I really enjoyed hanging out with them too. They showed us all of the cool places in their neighborhood and I got lots of kisses from Mika. So... by the third day of house hunting, Mom and Dad put a bid in on an adorable cottage with an amazing back yard. However after several days of paperwork and inspectors and contractors they decided that the innards of the house had problems that were just much more extensive than they wanted to deal with. On our drive home, they got the contractor's estimate and decided to pull out of the home. It's good that we're not in a place that may be unsafe... BUT they are still stressing about finding a home for us. The week was not a total loss.... Mom got to see the cool city of Portland, we have a better idea of neighborhoods, and they found daycare for me (for at least two days a week) right near their office at PSU. I got to spend some time hanging out and looking at the local wildlife including a nutria and a bunch of ducks!We made it home in "record" time... beating our time out by almost 1.5 hours. I napped more and was generally happier when I was awake. I was a total trooper... I did really well with the in-n-out of the car necessary for house hunting.

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