Sunday, September 23, 2007

yum yum dim sum

After a great Tues. pizza night, where James and I colored (It was James's first time!), and playing in the park and going for a walk with him and his mom on Thursday, the six of us headed to SF on Saturday. I love Dim Sum, especially the cha-siu bao! I think I ate more baos than David did! Then the foo dog tried to eat my hand (emphasized by a high pitched "ow ow ow" from me). It was a busy day in Chinatown... there was a ton of people on the streets for the Harvest Moon festival. I loved the hub-bub and the lion dance! While Daddy and David perused the Scotch shop afterwards, James and I took over Union Square. James crawled all over the place while I copied him... I chased the pigeons and even tried to call them over to me.

After all that, us kids were pretty pooped. James headed home and I napped in the stroller while Mom and Dad grabbed lunch (if you can call the pastry Mom ate "Lunch"), hung around North Beach and cruised the very cool City Lights Bookstore. What a great day in the city. Today was mellower. I played with Mom in the morning while Daddy went fishing with Jim and Sherman. We went to the farmer's market where I danced to the band there. After Daddy got home, we made some browines. I helped pack up some more boxes. Then we took a break to head to the beach for a little bit. I chased Dad and Mom around with kelp monsters... they were sooo scary it made me squeal.
Our beach trip abruptly ended when some water suddenly came up the dry sand about 50' and soaked mommy (who was sitting in the sand) and my pants... I left by bidding the beach "bye bye b!*ch", tsk such language. Tonight, we made pancakes (yep again!) for dinner and Daddy is trying to get a few more boxes taken care of.I'm turning into quite the little boy these days... my vocabulary is ever increasing. Not only do I say "cheese" for the camera all of the time, I know that cows say "moo" and dogs say "woof", but now I can tell you that Kitties say "Miao", sheep say "baaa" and my all time favorite that crabs say "pinch pinch pinch". I have also started with the very sincere "no"accompanied by an emphatic head shake My folks knew it had to come along some time.

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