Sunday, October 28, 2007

100... pshew!

Well, this is my big 100th blog post! I'll be darned. It's appropriate here to say thank-you to anyone who is following my weekly(-ish) milestones as I grow up... THANKS! It is also sort-of an appropriate transition as we wrap up things here in Sonoma county for our big move up to Portland! Sonoma county has really pulled out all of the stops this week weather-wise... and has made this past week a joy to be outside so we could do many of our favorite activities! This Tuesday we had a bittersweet last Tuesday night Pizza with James, Randall and David. Well, it was all fun... the pizza was yummy, David and Randall got us set up with the Zoo in Portland so I can continue to work on all of my animal names and noises and a nice book about a pup who ended up in Oregon too... I guess if the pups like it, I probably will too (thank you!). James and I played with my toys, worked on our musical skills with a sweet music set that was a gift from Kaylee and Clark, tacked David in the Kitchen and all in all had a grand time. Daddy and David finished up their fine Scotch (Arran) I'll miss these pizza nights, and my good pals. Wednesday we had a special party at Suzanne, Keith and Gage's house. It was so nice to be able to spend a lovely evening with so many wonderful friends... Suzanne, Keith, James, Randall, David, Jarrett, Lila-Rose, Suzi, Jim, Eileen, Jim H., Naoaki, Jess, Ellie and Emily. After Scooter wore out, I tried to play trucks with Gage... he wasn't too interested, but he was okay with a cuddle. I am talking a lot about trucks these days, there is some construction in Occidental, so I get to see a lot of them! Such a little boy.. it's all about dinosaurs, trucks and balls... all the time! Thursday James and I played in the park and went for a nice walk around Sebastopol. I showed James how to ride the whale, we had lots of fun! After lunch we had to bid James and Randall farewell in our trial separation... they had to head down to Santa Barbara for a few days. After my nap and some more packing... we grabbed Daddy and headed to our CSA to pick up our veggies... all of the birds were out, a bunch of turkeys chickens and geese! The turkey was particularly interested in me and kept fluffing up and gobbling. Friday was a packing day... though Mommy did get to stop by the wine bar one more time to ostensibly pick up some boxes but also for a nice evening on their deck and to say bye to Tammi. After she got home, we went to the last Occidental Farmers Market for the season... it was quite a big affair. Mommy, Daddy and I shared a hot chocolate and churros, some fresh apples and enjoyed a Taiko drumming performance.
Saturday was more packing... but it was such a nice day that that afternoon, Daddy and I joined Mommy to trap some crabs and then to enjoy the evening at Doran beach. I got to bring my truck and buckets. I love the beach!! I just sat right down and started filling my bucket and pushing my truck around. My folks had to get silly to encourage me to walk a bit with them. After fun at the beach we headed over to the Farmhouse to show off my monkey costume, check out their cool halloween decorations and say hi to Jim, Jess, Jenna, Naoaki and Ashley. Today, we spent the morning soaking up our bucolic life... after checking out the trucks in town, we ate a pumpkin scone at Wildflour, played with Suzanne and Sally, ran around their garden enjoying the end of the season's raspberries, saw Kirsten and Mark on their way back to Davis. We then crossed the street to moo at the cows grazing on the greening hills.
We blew the fluff from dandelions, chased a garden snake and soaked up some more sunshine before heading in to Sebastopol to the Farmers' market, where mom got some colorful wool and I watched some people dancing to some bluegrass. I headed home for lunch. Mommy enjoyed her primarily local lunch (wildflour pumpkin bread, bodega goat cheese, gravenstein apple juice and Tailor maid roasted coffee. Otherwise I took my nap and the folks did more packing! Our house is looking pretty spartan... our kitchen furniture has all been sold and most of our gear is in boxes... looks like we're really moving out soon, the adventure continues.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pizza, Pumpkins, Winebar, Dinner pary, dim-sum and the beach...oh my!!!!

Daddy and I found this cool praying-mantis... do you like it? For Pizza this week, James and I shared my truck... I got to give James a ride and then he pushed for me! Thursday morning we met up with Cousins Ann, Kaylee and Clark for more pumpkin fun at Peter's Pumpkin Patch at the Spring Hill farm. We dressed up in our halloween costumes... I am a monkey (though I don't love the ears), Kaylee is a beautiful princess and Clark is a scary spider-baby! Let me tell you, pumpkins are totally cool... I am getting good at picking out my own, just the right size! Princess Kaylee pulled me in the wagon after picking out pumpkins for her class.
There are also really big ones that Kaylee and I climbed over. We also navigated a hay-maze ourselves! And visited some cows... I scared the little ones by making loud noises (MOOOOO!!!). After loads of fun with the cousins, I took a really good nap in the car and when I woke up... we were at the park getting ready for more fun. James and I played all over the park that afternoon while Daddy packed up some more. Friday, I got to make a rare trip to Gourmet au Bay. Mom says I'm a little wild for all of that nice wine, but I like to stop in once in a while to say hi to Suzanne, Randall, David, James, Tammi, Maria and everyone. It was a touch rainy, but it didn't stop me from enjoying some outside time on the deck. Saturday, the fun continued with dinner with Gage dog, Suzanne, James, David and Randall! They all came over and helped us finish up some Salmon and put a good dent in our stash of lovely wines (the grown ups enjoyed a great Rochioli pinot noir and some prosecco and other bubbly from J). There was sooo much great food. Suzanne brought all sorts of good veggies from her garden and Randall made her cornstuff and an amazing pumpkin chocolate cake. Today, we woke up a little early and went to China Town for dim-sum with Great Grandpa Jerry and Great Grandma Mary... they were in town for Uncle Bill and Auntie Ho's 60th anniversary party. I ate so much food dim sum, then played with the foo dogs (who tried to bite Great-Grandpa and me!) and fish at Gold Mountain. Afterwards, Mommy, Daddy and I went to see Great Grandma's old house (730 Jackson), then played in the playground for a while so I could run around. On our way back, we met up with James, Randall and David at Shell Beach where we enjoyed the sunshine and good company. After a full day, we headed home to pack up the kitchen, eat a feast of leftovers and head to bed! Pshew... it's another busy but super fun week...I sure do feel like a lucky kid with so many friends and family to enjoy my time with. I also want to remember Ryan Valentine who was born on Tuesday the 16th. A special little boy whose brief time here was filled with love and the blessings of his parents Becky and Kc.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

pumpkins and family fun!

We're counting down our precious pizza nights with James and his family. This week was pretty special because Gage dog came with Suzanne and Keith. James and I had fun taunting the puppies over the gate (With chants of "Pu-PEE pu-PEE" and "dawgEE dawgEE" We played so much and had so much fun that by the end of the evening we were pretty worn out and had a tearful farewell. This Thursday, was James's and my days with our mommies, so we went to get our picture taken! Don't you think we're a couple of handsome fellas? It was pretty exciting, both James and I were really good for the whole session, though I was putting on my serious side.. the photographer thought this would look just like my highschool photo... we'll have to wait and see! The grown-ups were all so crazy trying to get us to do things, that I just didn't know quite what to make of them and mostly just had to roll my eyes at their antics. After our naps, we met up at the park and did some playing on the slides and swings and had a great time!
Saturday was my first pumpkins of the season! James and I picked out our pumpkins together. We got pulled around in this cool wagon. I also navigated a dark and scary hay-maze with Mommy and the corn maze pretty much on my own then climbed to the very top of a hay pyramid! I even picked out a special little pumpkin, which I declared "MINE" repeatedly. So much hay, so many pumpkins and so much fun! We also got to enjoy a great tomato tart (okay I don't eat tomatoes but I did enjoy the beans and Mom says the tart was great) with everyone that night. It was really fun to get to play so much this week with James! Totally my best bud.

Today was also extra special. Auntie Gigi had a wonderful lunch where I got to play with my fun family and friends! Clark is getting big... soon he will be running around with me and Kaylee! I also got to meet Isla, who is pretty close to my age. Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom came up to see me again! They must like me. Cousins Erin and Mike were there all the way from Las Vegas and were sweet to play and keep an eye on me once in a while. I also got to play with Auntie Geralyne, Cousins Ann and Jason Jamie and Jeff Watanabe and their Mom and Jeff's fiance. Auntie Gigi and Uncle Dudley made a really amazing lunch that included some great couscous and salmon and dessert of striped Jello (courtesy and speciality of Auntie Geralyne) and a decadent angel food cake with mouse and raspberries. Although everything was so delicious, I mostly just snacked on the jello and Grandma's famous orzo-spinach salad... there was too much playing to be done to stop to eat! Not only did we have a lot of playing to do, we helped out with Auntie's gardening (the picture doesn't really illuminate the piles of dirt everywhere), and Auntie helped Mom and Dad by pruning their maple tree.