Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pizza, Pumpkins, Winebar, Dinner pary, dim-sum and the beach...oh my!!!!

Daddy and I found this cool praying-mantis... do you like it? For Pizza this week, James and I shared my truck... I got to give James a ride and then he pushed for me! Thursday morning we met up with Cousins Ann, Kaylee and Clark for more pumpkin fun at Peter's Pumpkin Patch at the Spring Hill farm. We dressed up in our halloween costumes... I am a monkey (though I don't love the ears), Kaylee is a beautiful princess and Clark is a scary spider-baby! Let me tell you, pumpkins are totally cool... I am getting good at picking out my own, just the right size! Princess Kaylee pulled me in the wagon after picking out pumpkins for her class.
There are also really big ones that Kaylee and I climbed over. We also navigated a hay-maze ourselves! And visited some cows... I scared the little ones by making loud noises (MOOOOO!!!). After loads of fun with the cousins, I took a really good nap in the car and when I woke up... we were at the park getting ready for more fun. James and I played all over the park that afternoon while Daddy packed up some more. Friday, I got to make a rare trip to Gourmet au Bay. Mom says I'm a little wild for all of that nice wine, but I like to stop in once in a while to say hi to Suzanne, Randall, David, James, Tammi, Maria and everyone. It was a touch rainy, but it didn't stop me from enjoying some outside time on the deck. Saturday, the fun continued with dinner with Gage dog, Suzanne, James, David and Randall! They all came over and helped us finish up some Salmon and put a good dent in our stash of lovely wines (the grown ups enjoyed a great Rochioli pinot noir and some prosecco and other bubbly from J). There was sooo much great food. Suzanne brought all sorts of good veggies from her garden and Randall made her cornstuff and an amazing pumpkin chocolate cake. Today, we woke up a little early and went to China Town for dim-sum with Great Grandpa Jerry and Great Grandma Mary... they were in town for Uncle Bill and Auntie Ho's 60th anniversary party. I ate so much food dim sum, then played with the foo dogs (who tried to bite Great-Grandpa and me!) and fish at Gold Mountain. Afterwards, Mommy, Daddy and I went to see Great Grandma's old house (730 Jackson), then played in the playground for a while so I could run around. On our way back, we met up with James, Randall and David at Shell Beach where we enjoyed the sunshine and good company. After a full day, we headed home to pack up the kitchen, eat a feast of leftovers and head to bed! Pshew... it's another busy but super fun week...I sure do feel like a lucky kid with so many friends and family to enjoy my time with. I also want to remember Ryan Valentine who was born on Tuesday the 16th. A special little boy whose brief time here was filled with love and the blessings of his parents Becky and Kc.

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