Sunday, October 14, 2007

pumpkins and family fun!

We're counting down our precious pizza nights with James and his family. This week was pretty special because Gage dog came with Suzanne and Keith. James and I had fun taunting the puppies over the gate (With chants of "Pu-PEE pu-PEE" and "dawgEE dawgEE" We played so much and had so much fun that by the end of the evening we were pretty worn out and had a tearful farewell. This Thursday, was James's and my days with our mommies, so we went to get our picture taken! Don't you think we're a couple of handsome fellas? It was pretty exciting, both James and I were really good for the whole session, though I was putting on my serious side.. the photographer thought this would look just like my highschool photo... we'll have to wait and see! The grown-ups were all so crazy trying to get us to do things, that I just didn't know quite what to make of them and mostly just had to roll my eyes at their antics. After our naps, we met up at the park and did some playing on the slides and swings and had a great time!
Saturday was my first pumpkins of the season! James and I picked out our pumpkins together. We got pulled around in this cool wagon. I also navigated a dark and scary hay-maze with Mommy and the corn maze pretty much on my own then climbed to the very top of a hay pyramid! I even picked out a special little pumpkin, which I declared "MINE" repeatedly. So much hay, so many pumpkins and so much fun! We also got to enjoy a great tomato tart (okay I don't eat tomatoes but I did enjoy the beans and Mom says the tart was great) with everyone that night. It was really fun to get to play so much this week with James! Totally my best bud.

Today was also extra special. Auntie Gigi had a wonderful lunch where I got to play with my fun family and friends! Clark is getting big... soon he will be running around with me and Kaylee! I also got to meet Isla, who is pretty close to my age. Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom came up to see me again! They must like me. Cousins Erin and Mike were there all the way from Las Vegas and were sweet to play and keep an eye on me once in a while. I also got to play with Auntie Geralyne, Cousins Ann and Jason Jamie and Jeff Watanabe and their Mom and Jeff's fiance. Auntie Gigi and Uncle Dudley made a really amazing lunch that included some great couscous and salmon and dessert of striped Jello (courtesy and speciality of Auntie Geralyne) and a decadent angel food cake with mouse and raspberries. Although everything was so delicious, I mostly just snacked on the jello and Grandma's famous orzo-spinach salad... there was too much playing to be done to stop to eat! Not only did we have a lot of playing to do, we helped out with Auntie's gardening (the picture doesn't really illuminate the piles of dirt everywhere), and Auntie helped Mom and Dad by pruning their maple tree.

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