Sunday, October 07, 2007

Trip to Fresno and James's Birthday Bash

Social engagements kept me busy and tired this week. On Monday I helped Daddy process some of our apples from our picking adventure... I have the "apple peeler corer slicer" down pat! We made applesauce and a pie! We devoured our classic pizza (and the apple pie) on Tuesday night with Randall, David and my bud James. Wednesday I got to hang out for "Man hour" or "ladies' night" depending on where you were playing. I played with the fellas while Mommy had a fun evening with her girlfriends at Suzanne's. These were just to get me warmed up for a fun filled weekend in Fresno! Mommy and I headed out after Daycare on Thursday. Great-grandpa Em is in Fresno this week... it was great to visit with him, Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom, Uncle Ry and his dog Remy! I have been very helpful, over the weekend I helped make scones and pancakes. On Friday, we headed towards Tulare to visit with Great-grandpa Jerry and Great-grandma Mary. We also got to see Uncle Steve, Uncle Geary and Auntie Jun!There was a wonderful lunch at an italian restaurant that had a fun train set, and a fun afternoon of (literally) rolling around the Great-grandfolks' big soft carpet where I played with their coasters and practiced somersaults. That evening we ate at Max's in Fresno... fantastic food and art with all sorts of animals that are in my repertoire (apes and cats). I am amazing in a restaurant, especially if I can dip... anything. Saturday, I woke up to find a new play-house that Grandma Terri made for me... it's absolutely amazing and so much fun to play in! I spent a lot of time in there over the weekend. Susan and Nolan came over in the morning, we played some basketball, went to Cole (mom's old grade-school) to play for a bit then enjoyed lunch and a nap! That afternoon I kept Uncle Ryan, Grandma, Grandpa and Great-Grandpa Em busy while mom went out with Becky and Susan. Saturday evening the Valentinos came over for dinner and to play in my new play-house. They spoil me so much! They gave me all sorts of good gear for Portland (raincoat, puddle stompers and warm slippers!) and lots of people (and pups) to play with me in my new play-house. Today, after a yummy pancake breakfast, Mom, Scooter and I headed home. We got back just in time to pick up Daddy (who was in a fishing Tournament "Bendo at Mendo III" all weekend) and drop of Scooter and head over to Dutton winery for my best pal's birthday. James turns ONE! What a guy, he got to try sweets for the first time ... I think he liked it! We got to play with lots of good friends; James's folks, Emily, Suzanne, Keith, Suzi and her friend Alisa, Jim, Eileen, Alex and his family, Brian, Tessa and wee Cormac... who isn't so tiny anymore! I helped James break in some of his presents (it was tough to share with the birthday boy himself, but I was working on it!) and showed him how to best enjoy the wrapping paper. I also took a picture of him... do you like it?
I think it has an artistic angle to it. Happy Birthday James! I love you bud!

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