Sunday, November 11, 2007

Checking out the sites in Portland

We are making our way here in Portland. There are some really cool places around here to visit. This week, I hung around with Mommy a few days this week and we explored our neighborhood quite a bit. We went to Woodstock park, but it was too early in the morning so all of the equipment was wet and the really big lawnmower/leaf pickerupper was cruising around so I didn't stop to play too much, but it was good to check things out. Thursday was my second day in daycare. Courtney said I did fine, though mostly just watched the other kids and didn't hop in to participate much yet. I think it is just taking a bit to make friends, though they all seem very nice. I did miss James so much that I grabbed a picture of him, scrunched it by giving it a big hug, then refusing to give it back to mom saying "my james!" (we'll have to webcam soon buddy). This weekend, however, the whole family enthusiastically hopped into some Portland fun after I helped make pancakes (stir stir stir) and ate 4 big'uns myself (mom only ate 3). On Saturday, we started by heading to the Farmer's market at PSU. It was amazing... a ton of vendors, beautiful produce, meats, jams, and unpasturized apple cider for Daddy (made his day). I got to run around with a few girls for a while, daddy and I munched Kettle corn, hung on some trees and had a great time. Since we were so close, and received our zoo membership the other day, we decided to head over to visit the animals. We didn't spend too long, since it was close to nap time (okay, we pushed it way over, but I was pretty happy about it). We just saw the Cascade mountain part of the zoo, which meant that I got to familiarize myself with black bears, bighorns, bald eagles, cougars, trout and even sealions! The zoo is pretty great! All of the animals could be viewed very clearly and were so close I could almost touch them (well, except for the really thick glass and fences). The habitats were beautiful, the day was nice, we had a great time. Actually, in the farm animal display... I could touch a few sheep. That evening Linda, Matt and Matt's sister (and Scooter's dogsitter) Nicole came by for a quick visit. It was really nice to see them, and I enjoyed playing with the softie farm set they brought me! That evening we had a great meal from our Farmer's market bounty, including peppers, oregon grass-fed steak, chanterelles, and fresh cider! A little later that evening, I also got to see Greg, Cathy and Trevor before Greg and Cathy left for their home in Maryland. Sunday morning, I got up and brushed my teeth, played in my room and then ran errands with the folks. It was a day for more "house stuff" meaning that Mom and Dad lugged me to Ikea. I was pretty content to hang out in my stroller for most of the time. At least when we got home, I got to play outside while Daddy mowed our lawn, then we went for a walk down to Woodstock where Scooter practically pulled me the whole way. Here's a shot of our house as we returned home.

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Tammi Salas said...

Amy, Brian & Owen:
I had to log on to your blog and see how your move went. It's so fun to see and hear what's been going on in your world. Your family will be sorely missed and we hope to connect with you on our first trip to Portland. We'll keep you posted.
Good luck!