Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from the Southwest

Pshew, we sure know how to keep busy over vacation! Mostly, Grandma and Grandpa kept me busy while Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Ryan explored Arizona. On Monday, we made pancakes together and the whole family hung around Sedona. Uncle Ry and Mommy made some dorodango (in short shiny mudballs, but theirs weren't so shiny) while I just wanted to play in the mud! We also went on a short hike at the V-V ranch to some really amazing petroglyphs, including a cool solar calander and all sorts of animal carvings. I did get a little crazy and slid in the dirt... I don't know if you can see it, but my tush was red with the dirt. Tuesday Mom, Dad and Ryan headed to the Grand Canyon. They also stopped at a lava flow and the Wupatki ruins which they said were especially cool. Not only were the ruins remarkable, but there was a nifty blow-hole that was an opening to a HUGE underground cave. They were also super impressed with the grand canyon and had a great day for their excursion. The grandfolks and I went to a fun park with all sorts of toys including a backhoe! They also taught me to sing Telstar, I'm pretty good, at least as good as they are! La La!! La Laaaa! I also charmed all of the shopkeepers in Sedona... it was especially nice that they were giving out all sorts of foods.. cheese, crackers, pumpkin pie, etc... Wednesday we started with a super nice breakfast at L'Auberge which was right on oak creek. The food was yummy and the area around the restaurant was beautiful... I went a little wild running around with everyone and did a good job wearing myself out. After breakfast, we drove up to the cathedral which is surrounded by cool eroded monuments and a breathtaking view.That night the grown-ups played a new game, skybridges... looked like playing blocks to me, but they had fun. Thursday was THANKSGIVING! I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving, and I was certainly thankful to be able to share so much time with family! We made scones in the morning, then had a huge lunch. I wasn't eating a ton, but did have some mashed potatoes, applesauce and PIE. Most of the family relaxed at the condo, but Daddy and Mommy went on another short hike on Schnebley wash, and need I say, they thought it was beautiful.That evening after more turkey and more pie they started a puzzle. Friday we cooked some more! Mommy, Grandma and I made Krumkake... a Norwegian cookie my Great-Grandma Jean used to make and send to Mom and Uncle Ryan. I love them. Uncle Ryan headed back to Las Vegas, I cried to see him go. After more work on the puzzle, Mom and Dad headed on one last hike in Sedona. They tried to go up Boynton Canyon but ran out of daylight so hit a vista point just after the sun set. The moon was full and it sure was windy, but they thought it was still a pretty evening. The hike was near a vortex, or so they say, they didn't know where it was, but the best guess was this pile of rocks.Grandma and Grandpa got me to eat... a lot! Turkey... everything! Friday, the rest of us loaded up for Las Vegas and Uncle Ryan's house. My eating binge continued with a lot of dim sum at Cathay house followed by a big dinner at I love sushi (where I did a good job eating lots of edamame and cucumber rolls). Grandma and Grandpa babysat one more time and sent Mom, Dad and Uncle Ry to see O (a really cool water show) at the Bellagio. They said they would take me later this week to see the fountains. Today we had a relatively low key day, the grandfolks left early this morning and managed to beat the traffic. I played in the park, went to the grocery store and made dinner (I stirred the brownies!). I love playing with Uncle Ry.... he's the best. It's nice to play with Remy too, I miss my Scooter-dog, so at least I can get a fur-fix from Remy. We are having a wonderful time. I know this has been a crazy long post, but it's because we have been really really busy having lots of fun. BUT, there have been a few real milestones... to be brief, I have really started putting sentances together. My first big one was "Thank you for the tissue Uncle Ryan"! It was so sincere that he gave me the tissue he got for his own nose! I also ate with chopsticks at dim-sum. Not just one coincidental stabbing of food, but I picked up several pieces of Cha-siu bao and some broccoli... yep, round slippery pieces. No pictures (camera was in the car), but it was pretty amazing!

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