Sunday, November 18, 2007

Red Rocker

We are still getting settled in Portland, but decided to take a break after our short stint in the rain to head to Sedona and dry out a little bit! We're spending Thanksgiving week in Sedona with Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom and Uncle Ryan! Well, to back up just a touch. On Veteran's Day, Mommy tried to catch up on some work and Daddy and I headed over to the Children's museum. Portland was having a windstorm which knocked out the power, so we did a few activities in the dark, but it was still pretty cool. The weather has turned a bit rainy and cooler. Fortunately I'm figuring out how to deal with such wet weather... it's called PUDDLE STOMPING!!! A little girl down the street, Sophia showed me how it's done, and man it's fun. Anyhow, daycare continues to be a little bit of a challenge, I'm having a hard time letting Mommy go in the morning, but I have started playing with the other kids after a little bit of time. After getting more of the house in order and actually can fit the car in the garage now (go Dad!). Nicole, who is staying with Scooter for the week, came by Saturday morning and took us to the airport! We headed to Vegas! Grandpa picked us up and we drove directly to Sedona... I stayed up super late so I could see Grandma and Uncle Ryan. This morning we woke up to wow... lots of beautiful red rocks! It is pretty amazing here. Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Ryan went on a pink jeep tour to the broken arrow trail. They took an awesome, super bumpy tour of submarine rock, chicken point, mushroom rock, and all sorts of really amazing rock formations. I played with Grandma and Grandpa on some play equipment and walked around the shopping area. We sure had a good time. I was bushed and had a great nap. When I woke up, I got to play in the pool with Daddy, Mommy and Grandpa. Not many pools have views like this one! I swam until I was blue, and then some. This evening we had dinner at a cowboy restaurant. I hung in there and was good by a shoestring, but headed out just a touch early with dad to get ready for bed. Our vacation begins! Looks like a great start. Happy happy thanksgiving everyone. I hope you have a good week!

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