Tuesday, November 06, 2007

So long Sonoma and Hello Portland

Well, we just finished up a really big week. James came back from Santa Barbara and we got things going with HALLOWEEN! I was a mischevious monkey and James was a deliriously cute duck (check out those feet)! Since our house was pretty much packed up, we headed over the big-J’s house to greet trick-or-treaters, show off our costumes and share a great meal. James and I had a pretty good time, though I was starting to get a little sick. We played with his instruments and Daddy and David read us books, we like Duck on a Bike and Good Boy Fergus!. Our flash wasn't working too well, otherwise you would crack-up at the pictures of Suzanne, Keith and Gage dog... each wearing my monkey hat! Thursday, after Mommy and Daddy packed up some more in the morning, I stopped by the Doctor (and was told I had croup.. a really ugly cough). However, I was actually feeling pretty good by the afternoon so we had a leisurely afternoon at the park with James and Randall. I am going to miss them so much! After playing on the slides, in the play-house and the swings, we headed back to James’s house for another yummy dinner… thank goodness since our kitchen is all in boxes. Friday was another big day for me… Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom, Uncle Ryan, David, Randall, Keith, Suzanne, Gage, Naoaki and Jim all came over to help us pack up our BIG truck. Our 26’ Penske truck got pretty much filled up. Daddy was saying it was like a life sized game of tetris with all of our friends bringing him boxes just as fast as he could stack them, but everything fit… even our plants (must have been all of that time spent practicing for just this occasion)! We enjoyed one last pizza evening, at the Union this time (no plates… no nothin’ in the house) with everyone. Turned in after hanging around in our empty house for a little bit (everyone was good sports making themselves comfortable on the floor) and after lots of hugs and a few tears. Saturday we were off for Portland! I slept for a lot of the trip (and am feeling much better now!). Mommy, Grandma Terri, Scooter and I drove up in the Volvo and Daddy and Uncle Ry braved the drive in the BIG truck. It was a long day but in the end… we were home! I didn’t really like all of the unpacking chaos on Sunday, until we got a little bit more settled towards the end of the day and spent most of it grumping around. Although I did get to meet some neighbors, there are even a few kids close to my age! Everyone who stopped by was very friendly. Once all of my toys were out and my bed was set-up, I started feeling a little more settled. Uncle Ryan left Sunday night. I stopped in a grocery store and made mom get all teary when I lunged after a little boy who was making James noises (yah yah yah yah… I miss you too buddy). Monday I stayed with Grandma at “home” (I guess we could do without the quotes… maybe in another day or two) while Mom and Dad went into work and spent the day meeting all sorts of interesting PSU folks. Grandma and I had a very good day… Grandma is super efficient and managed to keep me happy, made dinner and cleaned up the kitchen, and now it looks like a family could really be living here (unless you look in my folks’ room or the garage where it is still mostly boxes). We also went for my first of many walks over to Trader Joes. After Dad dropped Grandma Terri off very early this morning at the airport, we went on a little misadventure to return the Ryder truck all over Portland and Calakamas, then finally headed into my first day at daycare. Mom cried, but I think it will be pretty good. There are 8 kids in my class and I think we should all get along just fine. The weather has been beautiful so far (bah… who says Portland is rainy and grey??), all of the trees are the color of our moving van (yellow) and red and all over the ground. I love kicking them up. I’ll keep you all updated as we get settled in here. But a bit THANK YOU and WE MISS YOU to all of our friends and family who helped us move and have been so sweet and supportive… thank you thank you thank you… we send you our love. More pictures of our new abode soon!

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