Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The holidays are definitely here! We have had a fun and Christmas-y week. I am finally in my groove with daycare and am doing well... as my teacher says, my mood has been "Super Awesome!". Tuesday with Mommy, we painted... I called this one fishes and owls. This Thursday, Mom and I went to the Zoo and had a great time. It was pretty cold, so we pretty much had the zoo to ourselves. Actually most of the animals were hiding out in the cold, but we did see some zebras, a few monkeys, elephants, peacocks and then just as we were getting ready to go.... zoolights came on.... we may try to spend some more time admiring the impressive light display soon. Friday evening we finally picked out our tree... it's the most beautiful one mom and dad have ever had! It turns out that this part of Oregon is christmas tree central for the whole country, so we had our pick of the best. We went to Mt Hood tree farm, it had a beautiful view and lots of nice trees so it didn't take us long. Daddy cut it down and loaded up on the car (I made sure it was secure). The folks decorated it after I went to sleep, and I have been moving ornaments around on the bottom since, just to make sure that they are perfect. This weekend I've been on a bit of a nap strike, which makes things a bit touchy in the afternoons here. Saturday we went to the Saturday Market in downtown... it's sort of a big art market. The best was this great xylophone band that had me totally mesmerized the best part was that it was about 8 skater dude teens who totally rocked the xylophones! Anyhow, that evening we went to the lab Christmas party at Dr. Sytsma's house. After a quiet start (I was napping in the car) I really ended up having a blast. There were lots of kids there... Karlee, Benjamin, Joaquin, and Genevieve. Genevieve and I spent lots of time spinning together and flying off the steps (with the help of Dr. Sytsma and Mom).

I stayed up super late, and didn't even snooze in the car on the way home. Today we tried to go to the Super Crafty wonderland... which was like the craziest craft show ever. Actually, Daddy and I had to leave, it was that crazy. Mom, Val, Robin, Joaquin and Alice seemed to have a good time though. I just fought a nap off, helped clean the garage and make dinner. Pshew I'm pooped.

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