Sunday, December 09, 2007

Oh-ie Mee-Nup

So... a few months ago, I started chanting Mee-Nup.... Mee-Nup. My folks would just scratch their heads and keep on going. Finally, just before our vacation... they figured it all out... "Mee-Nup" is Clean-up! YAY! I've been picking up after them forever.... hinting all this time that perhaps they could pitch in and lend a hand and now they get it. After realizing my penchant for "neatness" (mom thinks the quotes are very important there... perhaps our definitions don't agree), they started putting me to work. When I was talking to Mom earlier this week, while she was wiping Scooter's paws I told her "Doggie - mess" "yep" she said... then I said... "Mommy - mess" "oh really?" she said... finally "Owie Mee-Nup". I guess someone has to keep this place in order.

This weekend, Daddy headed back to our old stomping grounds to say hi to our friends in Occidental and at the farmhouse, get some fishing in, and pick up his truck. Mommy and I had a great time. She kindly didn't schlep me around Christmas shopping like she did during our days together earlier this week (though the toy stores weren't so bad). On Saturday we went to the farmer's market, which was lots of fun, I always get lots of compliments and snacks there. Afterwards, we were going to head to the zoo, but since I was doing my best Popsicle impression, we opted for the indoor fun at the Children's Museum. It was cool a few weeks ago without electricity, but with electricity... what fun! I was moving so fast, we only have a few half-baked pictures to show for all of the fun we had. BUT, there is a cool water play area that I spent lots of my time at. I spent some time pretending I was Grandpa Tom, teaching a croc how to brush. My favorite was this gizmo where you stick little balls into this tube, press a button and woosh... they shoot up the tube to the ceiling, spin around in this contraption and roll back down to do it all again. We even ran into our neighbors Harmony and Sophia! We got to play together in the play ambulance and in the dig pit. Anyhow, I had a good nap to recover. That evening Mommy and I started on some christmas cookies. I mixed and mixed. You probably figure I am good at this by now, and I sure am! Though it's very difficult and serious work.To add to my cooking repertoire (and to reclaim the cookie dough after it had been mixed for a long time), Mommy let me clean-up the dishes. Now this is where I excel! I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned... the dishes, the cupboards, the floor, and even myself! Cleaning sure does take a lot of water and changes of clothes. Today was pretty mellow. I had a rambunctious morning at church but we left to find it SNOWING! Nothing to stick, but definitely snowing. We stayed inside for much of the rest of the day, finished up making the cookies in the afternoon and just took a quick walk in the chilly evening. I helped put powder sugar on the crinkle cookies, although, there was too much powdered sugar all over for Mommy to consider taking the camera out... well, let's just leave it at that. Anyhow, I again spent a good amount of time "cleaning-up" afterwards. Daddy came home just in time for dinner! I was so happy to see him.. so is Mommy! Plus we were jealous that he got to spend some time with James and his family, so we had to hear all about it before we read Night before Christmas, said g'night to Scooter and headed off to bed.

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