Sunday, December 23, 2007

Twas the night before the night before ...

You know what makes the holidays really feel special? Visits from special people! On Tuesday, I got to play with Matt and Linda who came over for Dad (or G'Auntie Gigi's) famous chili crab. Thank goodness there is still fresh dungeness up in Portland! We had a nice evening, it was fun to be able to spend some time with them! I've also been tackling my advent house that Grandma Terri assembled for me. I really like opening a door and finding a little gift every day in preparation for Christmas. A kid could get used to this! I've also been practicing some photography. I especially like taking pictures of my "Nai-nai" (or my milk). Though have got some sweet shots of the fan and one self portrait.

There have been all sorts of special treats Friday, we headed downtown after daycare to visit the big S... yep to see SANTA! I've been seeing pictures of him everywhere! Well after a brief wait the big moment arrived and it all ended up being a bit too much for me and that Jolly ol' Elf scared me at the last minute and the folks just weren't up for another sad santa pic so we finished up the evening looking around at the lights in Pioneer Square... they have a really big tree that was pretty cool. In spite of the rough start, I ended up having a nice time. Saturday, we headed to the last Farmer's Market of the season, picked up some mushrooms and some cool romanesco then checked out the Esty PDX craft fair. The fair was much less crazed than the super winter wonderland so I had a good time chatting with all of the vendors. Mom and I made some gingerbread together after my nap in preparation for the big fun later on! I had to wash my hands a lot in the process. Lots of messes. That evening our friends Caden, Matt and Cascade came by for a visit! It was soo nice to see them! They have been missed. We had a yummy dinner of fresh pasta and mushrooms from the market. Caden and I played hard all evening long. We settled down and cleaned up with a fun bath. After we hit the hay, the folks relaxed with a game of killer bunnies and some time just catching up. Sunday morning, Dad made us some fantastic pancakes then we headed over to the Children's museum for a few hours. We started with the fun water room, and when we finally got out of that... we explored all of the rooms I had seen with Mommy before and a few more. I got to play in a grocery store, with clay, a train set and best of all a xylophone!

Caden and I rocked the xylophone. We settled down for our long(-ish) winter nap before they had to go. I cried to see them drive off, I had such a lovely weekend. I've been dancing the last few weeks. Like my dancin' shoes? Well they're mom's, but I still have some pretty good moves in them. Merry Merry Christmas!

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