Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cabin Fever

See that above the neighbor's roof... it's blue.. as in blue sky.

This past week in Portland has been sunny; a rare thing here during the winter. I've been told that along with the sun came really cold weather. You see, I haven't been outside much this week because I've been sick and Mom and Dad won't let me play in the cold when I'm sick.

So instead I've been inside working on my lego skills. I have to admit, I'm getting quite good at making houses and towers.

Today, however, I'm feeling much better and I was allowed to play outside for the first time since I got sick. I must have taken to long to get better because now the sun is gone and it even rained this morning. At least I got outside for a few minutes.

Tonight I helped Daddy make meat balls. It was yet another inside activity, but mushing up ground meat is still kind of fun.

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