Sunday, January 20, 2008


This week was nice, fairly low-key but on Monday, Mom and I went to the indoor playground. I was still pretty quiet there, though enjoyed some of the cars and blocks, and was definitely a little more familiar with things there. By the end of the session, I started playing in the kitchen with other kids. On Friday, I joined Sophia and Harmony for their art group with two other kids my age! We made a paper quilt and painted it with some flour paint. I loved the art and playing with some of the neighborhood kids. On the home front, we've almost got a new pantry! Matt the contractor has been building one for us, and I think he's just sooo cool. I like to watch him very carefully while he is here, then test his work when he leaves.
Saturday we headed to what folks refer to as "the mountain" to find some snow! I have awesome snow clothes and some great sleds! For my birthday I got this sweet sled from Kaylee and Clark and was so glad not to have to walk in the fluffy snow... I got to ride! I loved it lots, that is until Daddy dumped me over and I bonked my chin (on my beach toys that I wouldn't relinquish), made me a bit more skeptical, but eventually I got back in.
There were all sorts of great snow parks around this small town called government camp. They even had little hills for me, Mom and Dad to sled down. It was hard to move around too much with all of my snow gear on... but I made snow angles with Daddy, and even caught a few snowballs in my bucket. I was a little warm so kept taking my mittens off, but finally realized how helpful they were on the way back to the car (as my hands finally got cold).
Sunday, Mommy grabbed a nice breakfast at Helsers (cute place, good food... s l o w service) with Linda while Daddy and I polished off some of our bread with some great French Toast. Afterwards we headed over to Robyn, Dan and my new pal Alice's house for a great lunch. I was the old guy with three other little babies to hang out with .. Benjamin, Alice and Tessa. I showed them how to spin, dance, walk sideways and bang on the exercise ball. I also ate a ton of pumpkin bread (yum) pulverized a great scone and showed Benjamin how to take pictures with Daddy's camera. Alice showed me how her musical frog works... I liked that frog! Kind of like a xylophone.
I went down for a late nap and slept for 3 hours!!! I was pooped.

These days my vocabulary is increasing at an alarming rate... I just added "three" to my counting repertoire (one- two -three!), I start the day with lots of "mornin!"s, the last few evenings I have been finishing up my fun by chanting "uncle ry... basketball... uncle ry... basketball" or singing Happy Birthday, if I do something particularly great (like a good leggo tower) These are often accompanied by my "monster voice" that is extra growly and deep... for emphasis. I am becoming increasingly proficient with the leggos and can spend long periods of time making towers, just to see them fall down. As my folks are shortly about to relive... I have also become pretty opinionated about which clothes to wear and which books I want them to read to me ("no... no... no... no... no... YES!" as options are presented).

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