Sunday, February 24, 2008

Incessant laughter

I'm getting goofier by the day as exhibited by my fearless, wild, maniac, testing you, silly, unpredictable, dancing, funny faced laughter.

Both Mommy and Daddy had Monday off, so we joined Joaquin, Alice, a new friend Kai and their families at the pool for a fun swim. I'm quite a fish! I couldn't wait to get to get in the water... and once there boldly and repeatedly held my breath and dunked my own head under water. I splashed everyone lots, though the folks tried to rein me in around the babies. Joaquin's folks, however were fair game.I had a wonderful week at daycare (no biting) and Mom suspects there is a little girl with a crush on me. Every time Mom drops me off or picks me up, she is there riding the coattails of Mom's request for a hug and a kiss with "Owen, I want a hug/kiss too" which I nonchalantly give. Friday we had another fun art group with Sophia and Harmony... finger prints with food coloring on some paper towels. Finger prints turned into hand prints... and I still have some blue and green under my nails. The towels look pretty though... and we all had a lot of fun! We had so much fun on Monday that Daddy and I headed back with the gang o' kids and had more fun swimming again! (thanks Cat for the pic!) This time I went to the fountains and kind of floated on my back too! I have been loving my bike too! I have been borrowing Daddy's climbing helmet (xxl mens helmet padded with a couple of my hats)... Mom and Dad keep talking about getting me one that actually fits, but I love this one.

Today, Daddy finally got to go fishing!! I think he had a good time, he caught three big fish (they were sturgeon so he let them go) . So Mommy and I had a good day together. I spent a lot of it testing my limits a bit ... asking for then refusing some eggs, not taking a nap etc...(mommy is tired!). But most of our day was at the zoo! We had a great time... and I was so well behaved and walked the whole thing myself. My mission was to see a giraffe, but in the end I loved the meerkats and riding the tractor the best. Though when I did see the giraffe (around noon) I pulled my sandwich out of the diaper bag, and when mom suggested we find a place to sit down and eat it... I just sat right down to eat it! There are lots of good places to get a good close up peek at the animals, I saw lots of monkeys and a pair of hippos playing with a big hippo apple flavored Popsicle! I was also impressed by the pocket picking goat that ate the map right out of Mommy's pocket.

I am still sleeping well in my big-boy bed! It takes a bit longer for the folks to get me down for the night, but once I'm in... I have been sleeping through the night and waking up spunky in the morning! I actually scared Mom the other morning when she was coming in to wake me up and I just Popped right up... with a big goofy grin and was raring to go!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

lotsa love!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! I know it's a few days late, but hey... it's never too late to share a bit of love!

For my class and for Mommy and Daddy, I made some great valentines... I used my hands and a heart and star potato stamp. Looks like I also used my elbows and my face as well. I gave it my all! I think folks liked them. I know Mommy liked hers a lot. She made me a little knit heart I can keep in my pocket (which I sometimes use as a hammer when it's not being hugged) and Daddy made me the awesome valentine you see at the top of the post... as well as some waffles... more please! Thursday we had a valentine's day celebration at school where we exchanged sweet valentines and consumed more sugar than I have ever had before... the whole class room smelled like frosting! When the folks came to pick me up, Miss Millie had us all running around and around the playground in an effort to burn off some of that extra energy. In addition to all of the sweet notes and lovely artwork... I got a little container of hot-pink playdough... I play with it about four times a day, at least!

We have been enjoying some beautiful weather these days. To take advantage of it, we headed out to the Columbia River Gorge for a hike! Or really, I got to ride in the backpack and back-seat drive by telling daddy to go UP!! UP!! UP!! then make it tough by wiggling lots to get attention from everyone else on the trail. We saw and walked up to the top of Multnomah falls. There was a beautiful view of the river. On the way back to the car, Mom and I stepped in Dog poop and managed to get it on Dad's pants, so our alternative for dinner was some fast food so we stopped at Burgerville... a nice local burger joint with really yummy milkshakes. It was still pretty early so we headed over to get me a haircut (Daddy did his when we got home). The last pic at the gorge is our "before" and this is our "after"! We have lost our shaggy-do's for short-cuts.

Today was spent mostly at and around home. We played with play-dough... the had a nice lunch at the Laughing Planet with Cat, Chris and Benjamin! It was nice to see them all happy and healthy! After lunch we walked over to the library and Cat read us a good book with a few dogs in it. This afternoon, the late nap turned into no nap, so I just joined Daddy and Mommy in the yard to do some yard work and to play outside. I hope you all have enjoyed as beautiful of a weekend as we have. As for me, I'm off to bed.. my big boy bed (fourth night in a row). For some reason I'm really tired.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year! It was a pretty nice week... a good way to welcome in the year of the rat! I had a good week at daycare, I was much happier and played lots more (if you don't count the little biting incident... I'm working on being nicer to my friends). I also got a friend for my froggy puppet... a giraffe (with glasses!) who reads my books with me. Thanks Grandma Steves. On Friday, I went to art group at Sophia's, and had a really great time, we made then played with some blue playdough. After nap, Mommy and I made Nein go... a chinese new year cake. Making it was okay, Mom was letting the mixer do most of the stirring, so I was a little bummed. Turns out... I LOVE IT! Seriously, I have eaten a lot of this stuff since we made it. Saturday was a really beautiful day here. The sun was out... it was almost warm, downright pleasant. Ian and Christina from the lab were in town so we joined them and a bunch of lab mates for breakfast at Scavoni's. We got to share a yummy breakfast with everyone... I especially liked chatting with Alice and Joaquin (and talked about Joaquin and "nice" = alice all afternoon and this morning). My folks were particularly amazed when I walked almost all the way home... it was well over a mile! I pooped out on the last block, but otherwise totally went a long at a good pace in spite of a big morning and being a little late for my nap. That afternoon Dad worked the sportsman show.. I slept a lot, and then ran errands with Mom. Sunday evening was also pretty special. We got to have dinner with Joaquin, Val, Ray, Vanessa, Dave, Linda and Matt to celebrate Chinese New Year. Mom and Dad made Jai and some chow mein. I primarily ate oranges and the bread part of the yummy pork buns that Linda made... and of course way too much cake... The folks didn't take a great picture of the nice evening, they were too busy enjoying all of the company.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Guess what came in the mail.... this frog came all the way from New York with a giant kiss from Grandma Steves! I've been reading the Giant Hug that Becky and Kc sent me for my birthday, so I know how these things work.

Who won this weekend??? I won this weekend! This evening, in a battle of the wills... after 1h45m... I got Mom and Dad to give me dessert before I would even try a bite of dinner. Dad tries to claim a small victory by hiding the dreaded noodles in the applesauce, but really, we know who is rules the roost today. They caved 'cause it was time for bed and they figured I had to eat something. Noodles you say? Are noodles really so bad? Not at all... just yesterday I ate a TON of noodles. Today... not so much.
Anyhow, another quiet week. The grey has returned in force, along with (gasp) more rain (it's Portland, shocking I know). I gave Daddy my yucky cold so he was out of commission for a few days and we all just tried to lay low. Daycare went much better towards the end of the week, I think brining my mini blankie in helped a lot. I've been playing a lot with an animal train that Uncle Ry gave me a while ago. I'm also learning new words all the time! Too many to even list, but my favorite color remains Yellow, I like to count to two all the time. ... two's a good number. Friday we went to the library to get a new stash of books and headed out to the Japanese grocery store in Beverton and enjoyed a great dinner at a Japanese restaurant... I ate a few cucumber roll pieces and a few big udon noodles... so tasty. Saturday I mostly just played at home while Mom and Dad took turns running errands. I did help Dad with the stir fry! We had a good time... and yep, both on Friday and Saturday... noodles rock.

This morning, Mommy and I joined Val and Joaquin for brunch at Genies. I took this shot... pretty good eh? Joaquin and I (and the mommies) were so good, and had a lovely morning. I walked all the way back to their house (about 10 blocks!) and played with Joaquin for a little bit. We had a good time, I worked on my sharing, and Val brought out some pretty fabric to play tent with... Joaquin and I loved it! This afternoon we all made won tons. My job was to peel off the noodles from the pile and hand them to Mommy and Daddy who would fill them up and fold-em. (these are the noodles I wouldn't eat... no way, no amount of waiting me out, no bribery... no how). We watched bits of the superbowl... though I was very interested... at every commercial, I assumed it was over and went to turn the TV off.