Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year! It was a pretty nice week... a good way to welcome in the year of the rat! I had a good week at daycare, I was much happier and played lots more (if you don't count the little biting incident... I'm working on being nicer to my friends). I also got a friend for my froggy puppet... a giraffe (with glasses!) who reads my books with me. Thanks Grandma Steves. On Friday, I went to art group at Sophia's, and had a really great time, we made then played with some blue playdough. After nap, Mommy and I made Nein go... a chinese new year cake. Making it was okay, Mom was letting the mixer do most of the stirring, so I was a little bummed. Turns out... I LOVE IT! Seriously, I have eaten a lot of this stuff since we made it. Saturday was a really beautiful day here. The sun was out... it was almost warm, downright pleasant. Ian and Christina from the lab were in town so we joined them and a bunch of lab mates for breakfast at Scavoni's. We got to share a yummy breakfast with everyone... I especially liked chatting with Alice and Joaquin (and talked about Joaquin and "nice" = alice all afternoon and this morning). My folks were particularly amazed when I walked almost all the way home... it was well over a mile! I pooped out on the last block, but otherwise totally went a long at a good pace in spite of a big morning and being a little late for my nap. That afternoon Dad worked the sportsman show.. I slept a lot, and then ran errands with Mom. Sunday evening was also pretty special. We got to have dinner with Joaquin, Val, Ray, Vanessa, Dave, Linda and Matt to celebrate Chinese New Year. Mom and Dad made Jai and some chow mein. I primarily ate oranges and the bread part of the yummy pork buns that Linda made... and of course way too much cake... The folks didn't take a great picture of the nice evening, they were too busy enjoying all of the company.

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