Sunday, February 17, 2008

lotsa love!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! I know it's a few days late, but hey... it's never too late to share a bit of love!

For my class and for Mommy and Daddy, I made some great valentines... I used my hands and a heart and star potato stamp. Looks like I also used my elbows and my face as well. I gave it my all! I think folks liked them. I know Mommy liked hers a lot. She made me a little knit heart I can keep in my pocket (which I sometimes use as a hammer when it's not being hugged) and Daddy made me the awesome valentine you see at the top of the post... as well as some waffles... more please! Thursday we had a valentine's day celebration at school where we exchanged sweet valentines and consumed more sugar than I have ever had before... the whole class room smelled like frosting! When the folks came to pick me up, Miss Millie had us all running around and around the playground in an effort to burn off some of that extra energy. In addition to all of the sweet notes and lovely artwork... I got a little container of hot-pink playdough... I play with it about four times a day, at least!

We have been enjoying some beautiful weather these days. To take advantage of it, we headed out to the Columbia River Gorge for a hike! Or really, I got to ride in the backpack and back-seat drive by telling daddy to go UP!! UP!! UP!! then make it tough by wiggling lots to get attention from everyone else on the trail. We saw and walked up to the top of Multnomah falls. There was a beautiful view of the river. On the way back to the car, Mom and I stepped in Dog poop and managed to get it on Dad's pants, so our alternative for dinner was some fast food so we stopped at Burgerville... a nice local burger joint with really yummy milkshakes. It was still pretty early so we headed over to get me a haircut (Daddy did his when we got home). The last pic at the gorge is our "before" and this is our "after"! We have lost our shaggy-do's for short-cuts.

Today was spent mostly at and around home. We played with play-dough... the had a nice lunch at the Laughing Planet with Cat, Chris and Benjamin! It was nice to see them all happy and healthy! After lunch we walked over to the library and Cat read us a good book with a few dogs in it. This afternoon, the late nap turned into no nap, so I just joined Daddy and Mommy in the yard to do some yard work and to play outside. I hope you all have enjoyed as beautiful of a weekend as we have. As for me, I'm off to bed.. my big boy bed (fourth night in a row). For some reason I'm really tired.

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