Sunday, February 03, 2008


Guess what came in the mail.... this frog came all the way from New York with a giant kiss from Grandma Steves! I've been reading the Giant Hug that Becky and Kc sent me for my birthday, so I know how these things work.

Who won this weekend??? I won this weekend! This evening, in a battle of the wills... after 1h45m... I got Mom and Dad to give me dessert before I would even try a bite of dinner. Dad tries to claim a small victory by hiding the dreaded noodles in the applesauce, but really, we know who is rules the roost today. They caved 'cause it was time for bed and they figured I had to eat something. Noodles you say? Are noodles really so bad? Not at all... just yesterday I ate a TON of noodles. Today... not so much.
Anyhow, another quiet week. The grey has returned in force, along with (gasp) more rain (it's Portland, shocking I know). I gave Daddy my yucky cold so he was out of commission for a few days and we all just tried to lay low. Daycare went much better towards the end of the week, I think brining my mini blankie in helped a lot. I've been playing a lot with an animal train that Uncle Ry gave me a while ago. I'm also learning new words all the time! Too many to even list, but my favorite color remains Yellow, I like to count to two all the time. ... two's a good number. Friday we went to the library to get a new stash of books and headed out to the Japanese grocery store in Beverton and enjoyed a great dinner at a Japanese restaurant... I ate a few cucumber roll pieces and a few big udon noodles... so tasty. Saturday I mostly just played at home while Mom and Dad took turns running errands. I did help Dad with the stir fry! We had a good time... and yep, both on Friday and Saturday... noodles rock.

This morning, Mommy and I joined Val and Joaquin for brunch at Genies. I took this shot... pretty good eh? Joaquin and I (and the mommies) were so good, and had a lovely morning. I walked all the way back to their house (about 10 blocks!) and played with Joaquin for a little bit. We had a good time, I worked on my sharing, and Val brought out some pretty fabric to play tent with... Joaquin and I loved it! This afternoon we all made won tons. My job was to peel off the noodles from the pile and hand them to Mommy and Daddy who would fill them up and fold-em. (these are the noodles I wouldn't eat... no way, no amount of waiting me out, no bribery... no how). We watched bits of the superbowl... though I was very interested... at every commercial, I assumed it was over and went to turn the TV off.

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