Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stingrays, slides and a slick bike!

Pshew, a busy week in Fresno! We had a good time this week, that is until a little bug I had knocked out Uncle Ry, Mommy and Grandma Terri as well. For the most part... I spent every moment I could OUTSIDE! Sunny California weather was just perfect for plenty of time spent digging in the dirt, playing basketball, or riding my bike... oooh, I'll explain in a sec. Monday I went with Uncle Ryan, Grandma Terri, Mom and Dad to the Fresno Zoological Garden.
We had a great day! I was most excited to see the giraffes and zebras. That is until we saw they had a sting-ray tank. We lay down on the wall, put our hands in the water and after laying there for a long time... I finally got to touch THREE rays! It was awesome and I didn't want to leave. First, putting your hands in water anywhere is cool, but with all of the critters swimming around and brushing up on my hands, it was sooo cool. I also got to brush some goats in the petting zone. Although I was pretty excited to see all of the animals, I think the second coolest thing was the bike racks.

It's like they were made for me.

Tuesday,Mom and Grandma Terri went to see Great-Grandpa after some surgery, he is lookin' good they said.Then I spent some time with Uncle Ryan and Mom at a little park nearby. I had a blast playing with Uncle Ryan. We played on the slides, with the basketball, I showed off all of my climbing skills. We went to a yummy little biscotti place across the street. I was reluctant at first until Uncle Ry explained it was a cookie store. Man my sweet tooth rules me sometimes. That night we went to Auntie Donna, John and Jenna's house for dinner! When we arrived (here's me in my dress-up duds) they had a special gift for me! A new bike and some special books about the Fresno Zoo! Man they spoil me. I was so excited, that I couldn't let it out of my sight. Unfortunately, that's when my slight cough turned into a miserable little guy cold, and I had to fade out early. We took off to get me into bed soon after eating a wonderful meal, but missed seeing John. I'm glad we got to see him last week in Portland. The rest of the week was pretty pitiful. I wanted to play outside and every one else tried to keep me inside to rest as much as possible. Mom and Dad went out on Wednesday to see their friends Susan, Rebecca, Kc, Nolan, and to meet Rebecca and Kc's new pup Sierra (oh.. and flat Stanley). I wish I could have been there, Nolan is always so much fun, and I just love seeing everyone, but I know they had a good time. We headed back north on Friday. I swear as soon as we crossed the Oregon boarder, the snow started up again. Daddy has been working so hard taking care of everyone, while we're all sick, he's being a hero. Today, he and I went to Sophia's 2nd birthday party (but forgot the camera). We had a nice time, ate cake, sang Happy Birthday, played outside with some balls and her four-wheeler. Happy Birthday Sophia!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Folks! I hope that you are having a happy and fun-filled day! This week I met my Flora's Chicken flock. They sure do like lots of chicken feed. At first I was pretty hesitant, I didn't want to look too eager, but as soon as it looked like they were putting the feed away, I got into it, and have been talking about chickens and eggs ever since! Later that week, Mommy and I went to the children's museum, which was good fun, it had been a while since I had been there. The rest of the week has been pretty mellow, but on Saturday, we headed to Fresno to visit with family. We left early enough (4am!!) to arrive before dark, so I had plenty of time to run around in Grandma and Grandpa's yard, and then Uncle Ry and Remy showed up! Today is Easter! We woke up early to hunt for eggs. I am getting pretty good at this game. We then headed to Church, I was complimented on my good behavior. I went up for the children's message, but got a little nervous when the pastor handed out eggs, so was left standing after about everyone else had left... I really wanted an egg, but got shy when it came to getting too close. Then we went to Great-grandpa Jerry and Great-Grandma Mary's house. When we arrived... it was quite a treat to see Kaylee, Clark, Ann, Jason, Adrianne, Erin, Mark, G'Auntie Geralyne, G'Uncle Mark and G'Uncle Gary and G'Uncle Andy all there too!!! We had a lovely family day with everyone. Kaylee and I played pretty well together. We went on another Easter Egg Hunt, then dyed eggs together. Clark is getting so big, he's a fast crawler and good stander these days. I showed off my dancing and ball skills for Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma. I LOVE playing with the family. G'Auntie Geralyne is always good for something sweet to eat and it's fun having so many people to play with. Erin and Mike brought their dog Calie and I had fun trying to play ball with her. In addition to celebrating Easter and visiting with everyone, we were celebrating Grandpa Tom and Great Uncle Mark's 60th Birthdays! We got to sing for them and have some sweet, ice-cream cake with blue frosting! Happy Birthday Grandpa Tom, Uncle Mark, and Uncle Dudley!

So one of these great pluses of heading to Fresno, other than visiting with family, is the balmy weather. My allergies are acting up, but otherwise I have been spending about every possible moment outside! At Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom's house... I have been playing in their Garden with their trucks.... for hours at a shot. In addition to digging up dirt and dumping it around the yard, I also have been playing ball with Uncle Ry and Grandpa Tom. I am getting pretty good at catching the ball and bouncing it back!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cookie Lunch!!

This week, I got to hang out with Daddy for a few days while Mommy went up to Vancouver for a Green Crab meeting. She had a good time driving all over Vancouver, but Daddy and I had a great time eatin' tater-tots and fish sticks! Spring is popping up everywhere... the cherry trees are covered in beautiful pink blossoms, and the daffodils are opening up everywhere. Jim came back through with his dog Oly for a day, so we had a good time hanging out with them again. On Friday, Daddy, Scooter and I headed up to Bellingham to pick up Mommy and visit with Ben, Melissa, Gavin and Gabe Miner! They were born in Bodega around the same time I was, so since we were practically the same age, we had lots of fun. It was fun for Mom and Dad to see that other kids act just like me sometimes :) They have tons of awesome toys, particularly a gigantic school bus and tons of trucks! They were so nice about sharing their toys with me too. On Friday we walked over to a fun park where we played on the play structure, but even more fun was playing in puddles making soup. We added all sorts of pine cones, wood chips, dirt, sticks and stirred stirred stirred... and okay, we splashed a little bit too. The guys, daddy and I also got to dance to some of Ben on the drums, and play some drums as well! Pretty sweet. That night Melissa made a yummy smoked salmon chowder... I just chowed on the salmon... super yum. The guys and I hopped in the tub before bed time to get the last splatters of mud and soup off. The next day we headed towards the river for some play time at the beach and a good walk to get me and Scooter good and tired before getting into the car again. We had fun filling buckets and throwing rocks into the water at the beach, though it was hard for me to share the precious red shovel and bucket. I did try though. After our walk, we stopped in a nice coffee shop in the park for a COOKIE LUNCH (see the first picture)! Now I think this is a good invention... a cookie and some hot (warm) cocoa instead of all of that other... healthy food the folks keep trying to get me to eat. We just stopped for a snack before realizing that it was really lunch time... and I ate most of the giant cookie we got, because I knew it was time to be eating. Actually, we did get a real lunch back at Gabe and Gavin's house before heading out, but only as the sugar buzz started to wear off a little bit. We drove home in the afternoon and had a pretty mellow day today, just walked over to Woodstock for some time at the library and the hardware store... followed by some yard work (man, I love yard work.. digging, pulling, tossing things... good fun).

Sunday, March 09, 2008

At the park...

Well, it was a relatively quiet week and weekend. The weather has been beautiful so we just tried to spend a fair bit of time outside playing. Saturday we spent some time at Laurelhurst park where I go to play on the swings slides and sea-saw.

I am an intrepid climber! I also played a bit on the big-kid swings. Mom was trying to teach me how to pump my legs to get the swing movin... I kept thinking she meant to kick them and didn't get too high. I hadn't eaten much that day, and it was really frustrating Mom and Dad that night... turns out I wasn't feeling too well and spent much of Saturday night sick... three changes of sheets, four pajama changes and every spare towel and diaper we had in the house later... I finally fell asleep. I woke up this morning like nothing had happened, in spite of Mom and Dad's ragged appearance. I had a great time today playing outside and really enjoying our yard. I moved dirt, helped mom pull weeds and played with my trucks outside. A great afternoon! I hope you all are enjoying some nice days outside as well :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hep me Grandma!!

Well, after a super fun week playing with Grandma Terri... Mommy was having a rough time trying to get me to take my nap today, in spite of the fact that I was so tired I had to poke myself in the eyes to stay awake. In a moment of desperation I started hollering my mantra for the week "Help me Grandma! Help me Grandma!!" tough ol' Mommy was just determined to get me to rest. Alas, since Grandma had already left for Fresno, I then called out for scooter to help me... before making one last declaration "DUMP TRUCK!" then crashing almost instantly to sleep (well, after an hour of trying). Anyhow.... otherwise, I had a great week playing with Grandma! The afternoon Grandma Teri arrived, we planted some blueberry bushes in the front yard and got to spend some time with my friends Sophia and Lou... we helped with the dirt. I know we look serious but we were having a great time.... the grown-ups just made us stop playing to take a picture together. While Mommy and Daddy were working, we went to the zoo, played stickers and playdough, went to Laurelhurst park, played football (which I now also have to sleep with along with my bear, blanket, bunny, dump truck and backhoe), cleaned house, cooked yummy food... the works! I had a great time coming up with new ways to make Grandma laugh. I liked to take my truck apart then ask Grandma to help me fix it... over and over again! Hilarious! I'd make faces, play tricks on her, anything to make us laugh. On Friday Mommy, Grandma and I explored the waterfront and saw lots of boats and geese, then they dragged me to a fabric store up in NE. Saturday was lots of fun... we started with a tower of pancakes (yep... I ate four... no problem!) and I went swimming again! They're callin' me Owen the fish. This time we stayed closer to our own neighborhood... the Mt Scott Pool. It was really super busy, but I loved it!

I went down the BIG slide almost 10 times!

There is also a cool raceway that has a big current to push you around to a whirl pool.I was tuckered out so got wrapped up ("like a present!!" as I like to say) in my new fish towel from Grandma Steves! We had to finally take off and take Grandma Terri to the airport. We ate lunch in the back seat and I stayed awake just long enough to say bye with a big hug and a kiss.
Today, we had an awesome baby brunch at my friend Alice's house. I ate two muffins, danced a bit, played very nicely with all of the li'l babies (I'm the old guy in the crowd) . I really had a great time, those kids sure are sweet. Their folks are also so nice about making sure I don't bonk my head or fall over when climbing on the furniture... we only got a few pictures, Mommy had her hands full :)