Sunday, March 09, 2008

At the park...

Well, it was a relatively quiet week and weekend. The weather has been beautiful so we just tried to spend a fair bit of time outside playing. Saturday we spent some time at Laurelhurst park where I go to play on the swings slides and sea-saw.

I am an intrepid climber! I also played a bit on the big-kid swings. Mom was trying to teach me how to pump my legs to get the swing movin... I kept thinking she meant to kick them and didn't get too high. I hadn't eaten much that day, and it was really frustrating Mom and Dad that night... turns out I wasn't feeling too well and spent much of Saturday night sick... three changes of sheets, four pajama changes and every spare towel and diaper we had in the house later... I finally fell asleep. I woke up this morning like nothing had happened, in spite of Mom and Dad's ragged appearance. I had a great time today playing outside and really enjoying our yard. I moved dirt, helped mom pull weeds and played with my trucks outside. A great afternoon! I hope you all are enjoying some nice days outside as well :)

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