Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cookie Lunch!!

This week, I got to hang out with Daddy for a few days while Mommy went up to Vancouver for a Green Crab meeting. She had a good time driving all over Vancouver, but Daddy and I had a great time eatin' tater-tots and fish sticks! Spring is popping up everywhere... the cherry trees are covered in beautiful pink blossoms, and the daffodils are opening up everywhere. Jim came back through with his dog Oly for a day, so we had a good time hanging out with them again. On Friday, Daddy, Scooter and I headed up to Bellingham to pick up Mommy and visit with Ben, Melissa, Gavin and Gabe Miner! They were born in Bodega around the same time I was, so since we were practically the same age, we had lots of fun. It was fun for Mom and Dad to see that other kids act just like me sometimes :) They have tons of awesome toys, particularly a gigantic school bus and tons of trucks! They were so nice about sharing their toys with me too. On Friday we walked over to a fun park where we played on the play structure, but even more fun was playing in puddles making soup. We added all sorts of pine cones, wood chips, dirt, sticks and stirred stirred stirred... and okay, we splashed a little bit too. The guys, daddy and I also got to dance to some of Ben on the drums, and play some drums as well! Pretty sweet. That night Melissa made a yummy smoked salmon chowder... I just chowed on the salmon... super yum. The guys and I hopped in the tub before bed time to get the last splatters of mud and soup off. The next day we headed towards the river for some play time at the beach and a good walk to get me and Scooter good and tired before getting into the car again. We had fun filling buckets and throwing rocks into the water at the beach, though it was hard for me to share the precious red shovel and bucket. I did try though. After our walk, we stopped in a nice coffee shop in the park for a COOKIE LUNCH (see the first picture)! Now I think this is a good invention... a cookie and some hot (warm) cocoa instead of all of that other... healthy food the folks keep trying to get me to eat. We just stopped for a snack before realizing that it was really lunch time... and I ate most of the giant cookie we got, because I knew it was time to be eating. Actually, we did get a real lunch back at Gabe and Gavin's house before heading out, but only as the sugar buzz started to wear off a little bit. We drove home in the afternoon and had a pretty mellow day today, just walked over to Woodstock for some time at the library and the hardware store... followed by some yard work (man, I love yard work.. digging, pulling, tossing things... good fun).

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