Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hep me Grandma!!

Well, after a super fun week playing with Grandma Terri... Mommy was having a rough time trying to get me to take my nap today, in spite of the fact that I was so tired I had to poke myself in the eyes to stay awake. In a moment of desperation I started hollering my mantra for the week "Help me Grandma! Help me Grandma!!" tough ol' Mommy was just determined to get me to rest. Alas, since Grandma had already left for Fresno, I then called out for scooter to help me... before making one last declaration "DUMP TRUCK!" then crashing almost instantly to sleep (well, after an hour of trying). Anyhow.... otherwise, I had a great week playing with Grandma! The afternoon Grandma Teri arrived, we planted some blueberry bushes in the front yard and got to spend some time with my friends Sophia and Lou... we helped with the dirt. I know we look serious but we were having a great time.... the grown-ups just made us stop playing to take a picture together. While Mommy and Daddy were working, we went to the zoo, played stickers and playdough, went to Laurelhurst park, played football (which I now also have to sleep with along with my bear, blanket, bunny, dump truck and backhoe), cleaned house, cooked yummy food... the works! I had a great time coming up with new ways to make Grandma laugh. I liked to take my truck apart then ask Grandma to help me fix it... over and over again! Hilarious! I'd make faces, play tricks on her, anything to make us laugh. On Friday Mommy, Grandma and I explored the waterfront and saw lots of boats and geese, then they dragged me to a fabric store up in NE. Saturday was lots of fun... we started with a tower of pancakes (yep... I ate four... no problem!) and I went swimming again! They're callin' me Owen the fish. This time we stayed closer to our own neighborhood... the Mt Scott Pool. It was really super busy, but I loved it!

I went down the BIG slide almost 10 times!

There is also a cool raceway that has a big current to push you around to a whirl pool.I was tuckered out so got wrapped up ("like a present!!" as I like to say) in my new fish towel from Grandma Steves! We had to finally take off and take Grandma Terri to the airport. We ate lunch in the back seat and I stayed awake just long enough to say bye with a big hug and a kiss.
Today, we had an awesome baby brunch at my friend Alice's house. I ate two muffins, danced a bit, played very nicely with all of the li'l babies (I'm the old guy in the crowd) . I really had a great time, those kids sure are sweet. Their folks are also so nice about making sure I don't bonk my head or fall over when climbing on the furniture... we only got a few pictures, Mommy had her hands full :)

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