Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stingrays, slides and a slick bike!

Pshew, a busy week in Fresno! We had a good time this week, that is until a little bug I had knocked out Uncle Ry, Mommy and Grandma Terri as well. For the most part... I spent every moment I could OUTSIDE! Sunny California weather was just perfect for plenty of time spent digging in the dirt, playing basketball, or riding my bike... oooh, I'll explain in a sec. Monday I went with Uncle Ryan, Grandma Terri, Mom and Dad to the Fresno Zoological Garden.
We had a great day! I was most excited to see the giraffes and zebras. That is until we saw they had a sting-ray tank. We lay down on the wall, put our hands in the water and after laying there for a long time... I finally got to touch THREE rays! It was awesome and I didn't want to leave. First, putting your hands in water anywhere is cool, but with all of the critters swimming around and brushing up on my hands, it was sooo cool. I also got to brush some goats in the petting zone. Although I was pretty excited to see all of the animals, I think the second coolest thing was the bike racks.

It's like they were made for me.

Tuesday,Mom and Grandma Terri went to see Great-Grandpa after some surgery, he is lookin' good they said.Then I spent some time with Uncle Ryan and Mom at a little park nearby. I had a blast playing with Uncle Ryan. We played on the slides, with the basketball, I showed off all of my climbing skills. We went to a yummy little biscotti place across the street. I was reluctant at first until Uncle Ry explained it was a cookie store. Man my sweet tooth rules me sometimes. That night we went to Auntie Donna, John and Jenna's house for dinner! When we arrived (here's me in my dress-up duds) they had a special gift for me! A new bike and some special books about the Fresno Zoo! Man they spoil me. I was so excited, that I couldn't let it out of my sight. Unfortunately, that's when my slight cough turned into a miserable little guy cold, and I had to fade out early. We took off to get me into bed soon after eating a wonderful meal, but missed seeing John. I'm glad we got to see him last week in Portland. The rest of the week was pretty pitiful. I wanted to play outside and every one else tried to keep me inside to rest as much as possible. Mom and Dad went out on Wednesday to see their friends Susan, Rebecca, Kc, Nolan, and to meet Rebecca and Kc's new pup Sierra (oh.. and flat Stanley). I wish I could have been there, Nolan is always so much fun, and I just love seeing everyone, but I know they had a good time. We headed back north on Friday. I swear as soon as we crossed the Oregon boarder, the snow started up again. Daddy has been working so hard taking care of everyone, while we're all sick, he's being a hero. Today, he and I went to Sophia's 2nd birthday party (but forgot the camera). We had a nice time, ate cake, sang Happy Birthday, played outside with some balls and her four-wheeler. Happy Birthday Sophia!!!!

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