Sunday, April 27, 2008

"... & James Drive Dump Truck"

Yep, Backhoes and Dump trucks go together like... me and my buddy James! I got to spend the weekend with him and his folks David and Randall! It has been such a wonderfully nice weekend. My folks and I were so happy to be able to spend some time with them before they head out to Florida! When my folks told me they were coming, I got pumped!! (GRRR). I talked about James all week long! Explaining very clearly that "Owen drive backhoe... James drive dump truck ... rrr. rrrr. rrrr.... dump!" (the last bit accompanied by hand gestures to show how the backhoe dumps dirt into the dumptruck). They arrived Thursday night, Mom picked 'em up while Dad and I worked on the Grill to make a yummy lamb dinner. It was a great way to start the weekend! On Friday, the Dads went to work and Randall, James, Mom and I played hard in my room, then went by Burgerville to grab lunch before heading to Mt Scott park. After some good fun climbing up the play equipment and wooshing down the slides we headed inside to get some pool time in! Unfortunately no pictures because Mom and Randall were both in the pool with us and had their hands too full for cameras. I am really good at just flat out splashing into the water head first, and I can get back on my feet... most of the time... I also went down the slide a lot and James joined me for a big last splashy slide before heading out.

James and I began our fishing and boating tour of my backyard in the afternoon. That evening, we headed out to Roots brewery for some pub fare. I was really having too much fun with James playing with his car and running around (up and down the ramp that said "No running!") to eat too much, but I think the adults had a good meal and some good beers... they say the stout was particularly tasty. We got some good "book chair" time in with David! He's a good reader.
Saturday was another great day with my good friends! We headed to the farmer's market after a breakfast of fragile bacon and grandpa's pancakes. James and I (and David and Dad) took the bus. James likes buses like I love backhoes, so it was particularly exciting to be traveling with him! I thought Dad took some pictures, but you will have to check out James's blog to witness our trip on the bus (link on the sidebar). We had a good morning hanging out with about half of Portland in the park. Mom found some good greens, mushrooms, and sausage. James and I ran around on the grass, and James let me push him around the market in my little stroller. It was a really beautiful day, which made hanging outside just perfect. We headed back home in time for a quick lunch and our nap... which ended up lasting a really long time for both of us! Long enough for Mom and Randall to get their toes done (I can't get over the fact that Mom's toes are RED!) and run to the store for dinner fare. We played in the yard for what remained of the afternoon after we all got up again. Lots of bubbles and time in the Kayak. I only had this weekend to teach James all about Kayak fishing. He's a fast learner. I keep trying to do a somersault, but it needs a little work still. David was helping me.

Dinner was yummy pastaworks pasta, and the sausage from the market that turned out to be spicy! Lucky thing Dad saved me and James some plain noodles. I also enjoyed some tasty sweet asparagus. Today was bittersweet. We had a fun morning playing at home and enjoying brunch at Genies, but after only a little bit of play time this morning I had to say goodbye to my friends. (This is a hug... not a headlock...). We had such a fun filled weekend, I think everyone was a little bit tuckered out. After they left, I kept asking "(where'd) James go?" And when I heard an airplane over head I yelled JAMES! After my nap, to distract me a bit, the family headed out to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm for the last day of their tulip festival.

There were lots of fun things for me to play with... slides, water pumps, tractors... mud.... It was beautiful there, we took lots of pretty pictures and had a nice afternoon. I got to see lots of backhoes and cows on the way there and home as well, which really made the trip great for me. I kept saying "Awesome!" which I got either from Mom or from Ms. Millie from Daycare. When I got home, I tried calling James on my play phone and had a right long conversation with him recounting our fun weekend. I will be missing you guys! Have a safe move and a good time in Florida. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Owen

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Owen Drive Backhoe"

Yep it's another nice photo of me and Daddy from the farmers market this past week. This week was pretty quiet, in fact nothing too exciting really happened until Saturday, well except that they are doing construction right near day-care... I have started informing everyone that I would like to drive that backhoe, in fact I tell them that I do drive the backhoe "Owen_drive_backhoe" complete with a mime just in case they don't understand. After the farmers market I went with Daddy to the pool for some swimming. Then Daddy took off for an hour or two and came home with a big heavy box.
I'm not sure what the fuss is about, but Daddy seems pretty excited about this big black metal thing that he built from the parts in the big box. It was like a giant lego set. Anyway, this isn't the best photo, but it's the only one we have of my Daddy's new "grill" being put together.

Oh, Daddy went fishing today (Sunday) and brought home a bunch of little tiny trout. Here I am trying to explain to him the proper method of cleaning such tiny fish. I was pretty excited to help clean them and eat them.
What was Mommy doing this week? Well, she's the one taking the photos. I really don't know what to say about this last one other than it is so much more fun to ride my horsey than to get dressed after my bath.

My buddy James is coming to visit this coming week, so I'm pretty excited. I have lots of plans for things to do with him so next weeks post should be a good one.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Rock!

Yep, the highlight of my trip to the Japanese Garden was climbing all over the rocks, and getting to the top of this "BIG ROCK!" all by myself (and hamming it up for the other visitors).

It's been a lovely week. Jim came by again (and this time we remembered to take a nice picture). I was so excited. Jim is just one of those guys I think is so cool, I talked about him all day before he actually arrived, and when he got here, I couldn't take my eyes off of him.
I had a good week at daycare. The two highlights were playing with shaving cream and Hab's birthday party where I got to eat a ton of strawberries and cake. On Friday, Mom and I went to the zoo. It was an amazing day. A few other people thought so too, and for a Friday morning, it was pretty crowded. Since it was a nice day all of the animals were out and about. I enjoyed seeing all of the animals, but my favorites are still the Giraffe (which I say bend waaaay down to graze on some grass) , the zebras and the elephant which I got to watch eat their lunch... it was fascinating... they eat with their nose! and I can do a pretty good immitation. I did have a little adventure in Lorakeet Landing (this is the best picture we got in there... me, birds, little squishy cup of sticky liquid was all Mom could handle). These pretty little parrots fly all around and are pretty bold, because people get to come in with little cups of nectar. So, after initially just doing a walkthrough, we went back to the entry booth and picked up a cup of nectar and I bravely went forth. I really wanted a lorakeet to land on
me and worked hard chasing the little birds down. Once they (finally) realized I brought food for them, I got mobbed a little bit. A few landed on Mom's hand that was helping me keep the food steady, and I loved it and watched them really closely. One even nipped me a bit, but I was cool with that. I only lost my cool when one decided to land on my head... and not leave. At first I thought it was neat, but then got a little scared it would never leave and I would have this bird on my head forever... so I cried... just a little bit until Mom coaxed it off (then I thought it was neat, and kept talking about Bird... Head... bird... head). Anyhow, we had a lovely day. Saturday, Mom, Dad and I went to the Farmer's Market, picked up some plant starts and some mushrooms. Then we headed over to the Japanese Garden. (can you see Mt Hood in the background?). Since it was another amazing day, the zoo was much much busier than on Friday, and it made it a little more difficult to get to the garden (Thanks for the alternate route Grandma Terri!). However, it turned out to be the perfect day to be enjoying the Japanese Garden. The Cherry trees were in bloom, the weather was warm. I got to play in all sorts of water features, and had a near miss with the carefully tended rock garden (how could the folks even expect me to just sit back and enjoy all of those rocks... they are so tempting!). Today was a little more low key. In the morning, Daddy attempted to get some fish, but at least he met some new fishing buddies! Mom and I saw Linda for Breakfast at the Country Cat. It was so yummy. They pre-drenched my pancakes in syrup so I ate them all up by myself! It was fun to see Linda and to see her dog Mika (though I had forgotten how big she is!). In the afternoon, the folks carted me over to the Portland Nursery to pick up some potting soil and Mom couldn't resist a new red barked maple. Now she can't decide where to put it. I had fun playing in the furniture and riding (and napping) in the wagon. I've pretty much given up napping the last three days, Mom is hoping that it is temporary. I also ate a little bit of artichoke tonight... It was good, but I didn't love it, the folks are just thrilled that I tried a "new" food which I haven't done in a while without a big to-do. Well, I'm glad we got to spend so much time outside, I think the rain will return tonight.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Fishin' in the grass

Mommy has been totally boring this week... she has wimped out with the flu and has been stuck in bed forever. Heck, I had it last week, and I only let it get me out of circulation for a day or so. So, Daddy has been a super hero and taking care of everything this week. We even got out this weekend for a little fun. On Friday we walked into Woodstock and picked me out a fishin' rod! It is pretty sweet. I've been practicing my cast and reeling skills all weekend. You have to be able to do it both on land and from the Kayak! It also came with a cool tackle box that I had to nap with the other day as well. Saturday our Portland Farmers Markets opened back up so Dad and I headed over for some fresh food. On the way, he took us by where they are building the walk of the heroines in front of their office... they are sooo lucky to watch construction machines working all day long! We also walked over to the library for some new books, and I helped Dad make some chicken soup for tonight. So, I haven't really touched meat in months, probably not since December. Not only that, but I can detect its presence pretty keenly (as the folks have found when they try to hide it in things). But tonight, Dad, once again tried to sneak a bite of chicken in on me, and I said Chicken? And instead of halting all eating, and ejecting the offensive bite, I asked for more chicken. Here's a picture of me actually eating a requested piece of chicken... ahhh protein. Small miracles.