Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Rock!

Yep, the highlight of my trip to the Japanese Garden was climbing all over the rocks, and getting to the top of this "BIG ROCK!" all by myself (and hamming it up for the other visitors).

It's been a lovely week. Jim came by again (and this time we remembered to take a nice picture). I was so excited. Jim is just one of those guys I think is so cool, I talked about him all day before he actually arrived, and when he got here, I couldn't take my eyes off of him.
I had a good week at daycare. The two highlights were playing with shaving cream and Hab's birthday party where I got to eat a ton of strawberries and cake. On Friday, Mom and I went to the zoo. It was an amazing day. A few other people thought so too, and for a Friday morning, it was pretty crowded. Since it was a nice day all of the animals were out and about. I enjoyed seeing all of the animals, but my favorites are still the Giraffe (which I say bend waaaay down to graze on some grass) , the zebras and the elephant which I got to watch eat their lunch... it was fascinating... they eat with their nose! and I can do a pretty good immitation. I did have a little adventure in Lorakeet Landing (this is the best picture we got in there... me, birds, little squishy cup of sticky liquid was all Mom could handle). These pretty little parrots fly all around and are pretty bold, because people get to come in with little cups of nectar. So, after initially just doing a walkthrough, we went back to the entry booth and picked up a cup of nectar and I bravely went forth. I really wanted a lorakeet to land on
me and worked hard chasing the little birds down. Once they (finally) realized I brought food for them, I got mobbed a little bit. A few landed on Mom's hand that was helping me keep the food steady, and I loved it and watched them really closely. One even nipped me a bit, but I was cool with that. I only lost my cool when one decided to land on my head... and not leave. At first I thought it was neat, but then got a little scared it would never leave and I would have this bird on my head forever... so I cried... just a little bit until Mom coaxed it off (then I thought it was neat, and kept talking about Bird... Head... bird... head). Anyhow, we had a lovely day. Saturday, Mom, Dad and I went to the Farmer's Market, picked up some plant starts and some mushrooms. Then we headed over to the Japanese Garden. (can you see Mt Hood in the background?). Since it was another amazing day, the zoo was much much busier than on Friday, and it made it a little more difficult to get to the garden (Thanks for the alternate route Grandma Terri!). However, it turned out to be the perfect day to be enjoying the Japanese Garden. The Cherry trees were in bloom, the weather was warm. I got to play in all sorts of water features, and had a near miss with the carefully tended rock garden (how could the folks even expect me to just sit back and enjoy all of those rocks... they are so tempting!). Today was a little more low key. In the morning, Daddy attempted to get some fish, but at least he met some new fishing buddies! Mom and I saw Linda for Breakfast at the Country Cat. It was so yummy. They pre-drenched my pancakes in syrup so I ate them all up by myself! It was fun to see Linda and to see her dog Mika (though I had forgotten how big she is!). In the afternoon, the folks carted me over to the Portland Nursery to pick up some potting soil and Mom couldn't resist a new red barked maple. Now she can't decide where to put it. I had fun playing in the furniture and riding (and napping) in the wagon. I've pretty much given up napping the last three days, Mom is hoping that it is temporary. I also ate a little bit of artichoke tonight... It was good, but I didn't love it, the folks are just thrilled that I tried a "new" food which I haven't done in a while without a big to-do. Well, I'm glad we got to spend so much time outside, I think the rain will return tonight.

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