Sunday, April 06, 2008

Fishin' in the grass

Mommy has been totally boring this week... she has wimped out with the flu and has been stuck in bed forever. Heck, I had it last week, and I only let it get me out of circulation for a day or so. So, Daddy has been a super hero and taking care of everything this week. We even got out this weekend for a little fun. On Friday we walked into Woodstock and picked me out a fishin' rod! It is pretty sweet. I've been practicing my cast and reeling skills all weekend. You have to be able to do it both on land and from the Kayak! It also came with a cool tackle box that I had to nap with the other day as well. Saturday our Portland Farmers Markets opened back up so Dad and I headed over for some fresh food. On the way, he took us by where they are building the walk of the heroines in front of their office... they are sooo lucky to watch construction machines working all day long! We also walked over to the library for some new books, and I helped Dad make some chicken soup for tonight. So, I haven't really touched meat in months, probably not since December. Not only that, but I can detect its presence pretty keenly (as the folks have found when they try to hide it in things). But tonight, Dad, once again tried to sneak a bite of chicken in on me, and I said Chicken? And instead of halting all eating, and ejecting the offensive bite, I asked for more chicken. Here's a picture of me actually eating a requested piece of chicken... ahhh protein. Small miracles.

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