Sunday, April 27, 2008

"... & James Drive Dump Truck"

Yep, Backhoes and Dump trucks go together like... me and my buddy James! I got to spend the weekend with him and his folks David and Randall! It has been such a wonderfully nice weekend. My folks and I were so happy to be able to spend some time with them before they head out to Florida! When my folks told me they were coming, I got pumped!! (GRRR). I talked about James all week long! Explaining very clearly that "Owen drive backhoe... James drive dump truck ... rrr. rrrr. rrrr.... dump!" (the last bit accompanied by hand gestures to show how the backhoe dumps dirt into the dumptruck). They arrived Thursday night, Mom picked 'em up while Dad and I worked on the Grill to make a yummy lamb dinner. It was a great way to start the weekend! On Friday, the Dads went to work and Randall, James, Mom and I played hard in my room, then went by Burgerville to grab lunch before heading to Mt Scott park. After some good fun climbing up the play equipment and wooshing down the slides we headed inside to get some pool time in! Unfortunately no pictures because Mom and Randall were both in the pool with us and had their hands too full for cameras. I am really good at just flat out splashing into the water head first, and I can get back on my feet... most of the time... I also went down the slide a lot and James joined me for a big last splashy slide before heading out.

James and I began our fishing and boating tour of my backyard in the afternoon. That evening, we headed out to Roots brewery for some pub fare. I was really having too much fun with James playing with his car and running around (up and down the ramp that said "No running!") to eat too much, but I think the adults had a good meal and some good beers... they say the stout was particularly tasty. We got some good "book chair" time in with David! He's a good reader.
Saturday was another great day with my good friends! We headed to the farmer's market after a breakfast of fragile bacon and grandpa's pancakes. James and I (and David and Dad) took the bus. James likes buses like I love backhoes, so it was particularly exciting to be traveling with him! I thought Dad took some pictures, but you will have to check out James's blog to witness our trip on the bus (link on the sidebar). We had a good morning hanging out with about half of Portland in the park. Mom found some good greens, mushrooms, and sausage. James and I ran around on the grass, and James let me push him around the market in my little stroller. It was a really beautiful day, which made hanging outside just perfect. We headed back home in time for a quick lunch and our nap... which ended up lasting a really long time for both of us! Long enough for Mom and Randall to get their toes done (I can't get over the fact that Mom's toes are RED!) and run to the store for dinner fare. We played in the yard for what remained of the afternoon after we all got up again. Lots of bubbles and time in the Kayak. I only had this weekend to teach James all about Kayak fishing. He's a fast learner. I keep trying to do a somersault, but it needs a little work still. David was helping me.

Dinner was yummy pastaworks pasta, and the sausage from the market that turned out to be spicy! Lucky thing Dad saved me and James some plain noodles. I also enjoyed some tasty sweet asparagus. Today was bittersweet. We had a fun morning playing at home and enjoying brunch at Genies, but after only a little bit of play time this morning I had to say goodbye to my friends. (This is a hug... not a headlock...). We had such a fun filled weekend, I think everyone was a little bit tuckered out. After they left, I kept asking "(where'd) James go?" And when I heard an airplane over head I yelled JAMES! After my nap, to distract me a bit, the family headed out to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm for the last day of their tulip festival.

There were lots of fun things for me to play with... slides, water pumps, tractors... mud.... It was beautiful there, we took lots of pretty pictures and had a nice afternoon. I got to see lots of backhoes and cows on the way there and home as well, which really made the trip great for me. I kept saying "Awesome!" which I got either from Mom or from Ms. Millie from Daycare. When I got home, I tried calling James on my play phone and had a right long conversation with him recounting our fun weekend. I will be missing you guys! Have a safe move and a good time in Florida. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Owen

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