Sunday, May 04, 2008

Duck... Duck... Goose!!!

This week has again been full of fun and friends! On Thursday we got to give our BBQ a work out and had Linda and Matt over for dinner! I was so good, ate well and then actually played relatively quietly with my leggos while the grown-ups took their time finishing their food. It took them forever but they seemed to be having a nice evening. Friday Mom and I went for art at Sophia and Harmony's house. We painted the beads we made a few weeks ago and made necklaces! We accidentally erased the cute pictures of us, but I love my necklace and Sophia, Adrian and Linna all did really nice jobs. Saturday was kinda drizzly and grey. We spent the morning exploring north-east portland but after my nap, we just did errands... not too exciting. Jim Hobbs came back for another visit during a meeting he has in Portland. But today... the sun was out and it was definitely a day to be OUTSIDE! We spent the morning feeding ducks and geese at the Rhododendron Garden, and had fun playing in the grass and enjoying all of the pretty flowers. Daddy and I ran all around... definitely wore dad out! I took the feeding very seriously and tried to get them as much food as possible. This afternoon... Jim came back from his meeting and he and Daddy started building something strange in the garage... it looks like fun! They let me help and watch after my nap... what could it be?? When they finally took a break, I showed off my kayak fishin' skills to Jim! We went to see Val, Ray and Joaquin's new home and to enjoy a great evening and dinner in their back yard! Actually there was too much for me to do to really stop and eat much except for the great rhubarb crisp dessert. I played with Joaquin and his friends Kai and Aiden and all of the cool truck toys he has. I love hanging out with all of those little guys! We had such a nice evening, ate too much and came home just in time for my bath and to go to bed! G'night! I hope the sunshine found all of you as well today!

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