Sunday, May 25, 2008

No Way!!!

This week was pretty smooth with Mom while Dad was back in Maryland for a few days. We did have to deal with some minor automotive issues, but I liked the big van that we had for a rental! I said that "one day" it will be my car, though I missed my white car. We got to spend some nice quality time with T-bug and his folks Cat and Chris this week! Thursday, we enjoyed a great Indian dinner with them. I wasn't too adventurous, and stuck mostly with beans, but Mom enjoyed her saag paneer, and T-bug is a great eater!
On Friday, we met Cat and T at OMSI. It was my first time there and I had a blast! There is a special dinosaur exhibit on tour and I thought it was sooo cool, except I was pretty hesitant to get very close to the animatronic dinos... they were a little too real. T and I ended up spending some time in the riparian lab where we built some streams and played with lots of sand and water... how could you go wrong? There is also a huge room just full of kids and stuff for kids to do including: huge sandbox (Geez, I just love any sandbox!), a water play section, lots of places to climb and play, and this really cool air powered ball gizmo that shoots balls through tubes and into the air and I also discovered this (in my own words...) hole... air blow!... ball fly!! It's FLYING!!! (with increasing excitement!). I could get two flying in the air. It was amazing!Saturday we started out with a trip (surprise) to the farmer's market. Strawberries are out and soooo good! I just can't stop eating them, in spite of covering my face, shirt and the kitchen with strawberry juice! There were also some pretty peonies that we just couldn't resist bringing one home.
That afternoon we celebrated T's first birthday in style with a great afternoon on their new deck and in their yard. I had fun playing in their yard, and I think T enjoyed his cake. Today was relatively low-key. Dad and I went swimming again! I am getting better about bobbing at the wall, floating on my back... oh and lunging into the water with no fear at all and still not sure how to get my feet underneath me every time. Just like to keep Dad on his toes. Although yesterday was lovely, we had a thunderstorm last night and drizzly weather all day today, so we just took it easy the rest of the day. Mom and Dad aren't sure where I picked this up but my once polite "No thank you" has turned into "No Way!" Charming, they are working hard to turn it around.
I hope you have a good memorial day! I also want to wish Grandpa Tom and Uncle Ry happy travels on their European tour!

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