Monday, May 19, 2008

One Day......

Well, the weather turned hot this week! Seriously, it was 98 on Friday and Saturday! Mom finished my new quilts just in time for the hot hot weather. I love them so much that I have insisted on being tucked in with … my big blue blankie, my little blue blankie, my big orange blankie (the quilt… with a warm old quilt for the stuffing and flannel) AND the little orange blankie (mom made a little portable version as well)… which results in a big puddle of sweaty baby when Mommy goes in to check on me later. This week was the first birthday of my good friend T-bug (Benjamin). I thought he was smiling in this picture, but really he was having a great evening and eating everything! Joaquin was also there… he looks cute in his hat, but didn’t really like having it on his head! Friday I went to Creston park and played with Sophia all morning, I had a super long nap, and Dad came home early enough for us to head to the feed store to get ready for Saturday! If you hadn’t figured it out (or been told as much) Dad, Jim and I made a Chicken Tractor for our new Chickens that Mom picked up on Saturday. We have three new gals in the backyard… Barbara (the Barred Rock), Goldie (the Golden sex-link) and an Arucuna (any name suggestions? We don’t feel settled on one yet). Barbara is definitely the most bold, Goldie comes in second and is a bit more curious the Arucuna is very shy even though she is the biggest of the bunch. They sure are silly. I love feeding them their scratch and chasing them around the yard looking for eggs (though they won’t start laying for a few more months) and yelling “Chicken!!” (though they probably know they are chickens). At least I stopped saying chicken.. yum! Dad’s first major building event turned out pretty well. The chickens seem to like it, well all except for the actual coop part, which they haven’t figured out yet (you can see it behind them). They’ve just been hunkering down on the ground or sitting on the outside roost. After an exciting Saturday morning filled with chickens… came the really, extra special, super neat surprise! Mom and Dad took me to DOZER DAYS! If paradise is really hot and desert like, filled with backhoes, dumptrucks, dozers, firetrucks, excavators, and more trucks than I can even list (which is a lot these days), then we had a heck of an afternoon there! I woke up from a very brief nap in a dusty parking lot. I knew we were in for a good afternoon when we walked underneath an arch of two backhoes and strait up to a line where we got to ride an articulated loader (really large dump truck). Need I say more? Well, when we got to the top of the hill (which is really an old rock excavation site), there were dozens of construction trucks all lined up for us to try out! I have been talking about backhoes for months now… I also have been ending my declaration of “Owen Drive Backhoe!” with “One day” while shaking my index finger with determination. Well Saturday was my one day! In addition to climbing in the cabs of all sorts of unmanned equipment and pretending to drive the dumptrucks, fire trucks, and little backhoes (well, and some big ones too), I actually got to drive a backhoe!! Seriously folks… I got to sit with a construction worker and help him work the controls… we dug holes and made piles over and over and over again!
I even got a few waves out to Mom and Dad who were practically over the top with giddiness, they were so proud of me! Oh my gosh… dozer day is the coolest thing ever. They gave me presents… a little red shovel and a plastic builder hat that I have made essential items in my wardrobe, in spite of the fact that the plastic hat makes my head sweat (and grosses Dad and Mom out… they keep trying to take it off to dry my head). The helmet and the shovel prove that I am now an official digger guy! Sunday was a little more low-key. Dad had to get ready for a trip to Maryland for work and we just enjoyed the heat and got some chores done… including getting a new outdoor dining set. I love eating outside! It’s nice to watch the chickens and enjoy dinner.

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