Sunday, June 29, 2008

Grandma Terri!!!

I sure had a lucky week! Grandma Terri came out for a visit! She and I really bonded this week and I miss her so much now that she has taken the airplane back to Grandpa Tom. We kept pretty busy. I got a treat when she came to daycare to pick me up early on Wednesday. I just got up from nap, walked right over to her and took her hand and let Mom and Dad get my stuff together as we took off. That evening Grandma and I made foccacia bread to eat with our ravioli dinner... I learned how to knead bread and get it stuck all over my hands! The bread was yummy!! Thursday, we spent all day together while Mom and Dad were at work! We walked into Woodstock and back in the morning and in the afternoon we went shoe shopping (I got some cool new sneakers!) while Mom got a new haircut. We had a yummy dinner at the Farm where I managed to eat almost all of Grandma Terri's trout. We got home in time for Grandma and I to spend some more quality time so Mom and Dad could go out to see the new Indiana Jones movie. Friday we went on a day trip up the Columbia River Gorge to see the fish hatchery and Bonneville dam. The hatchery was very cool... I got to feed some rainbow trout and see a HUGE sturgeon named Herman. At the dam we got to see fish go past windows and be counted as they went up the fish ladder... some huge salmon and some lampreys were highlights. The weather was really really nice. On the way home we stopped at burgerville for lunch because Mom was starving... I barely ate my chicken but really went to town on the ice cream cone Grandma got me for dessert! I napped really well and played in the kiddy pool in our backyard with Daddy while Grandma and Mom did some shopping. Saturday, Grandma did her very best to spoil me silly with loads of sugary treats! Actually, it's Mom's fault...she just wanted to hit their favorite spots in the Nob Hill area, most were bakeries or chocolate shops (well, I liked the pig sculpture)... so I got lots of yummy treats... Cannele at Ken's artesian bakery, a chocolate at Moonstruck and a little cupcake at Saint Cupcake! I was kind of buzzed and didn't really take a nap that afternoon. In an effort to wind down, we went to the Farmer's Market for lunch then dropped Grandma Terri off at the airport to go back to her home. As Grandma left, the head came in strong and it was a really hot afternoon that we just spent inside playing with my backhoe (my newest obsession... a toy backhoe) and drawing with some neat pens from the VanVolkinburgs. Sunday was another fun day trip to Astoria where it was notably cooler than at home. We started with lunch on the beach at Fort Stevens State Park, then met up with Ray, Val, LiFong and my favorite little buddy Joaquin! Dad went to help them seine for Val's project and we tagged along just so we could hit another beach! This one was much wetter, but I managed to dig a fair number of holes and got to watch them seine. I couldn't figure out how this resembled "fishing" since it didn't involve a kayak or poles, but I did get to see some fish! We shared a nice dinner with them in Astoria before heading home through a summer lightening storm. Pshew I'm pooped!

I've really started chatting and telling lots of stories about my day and some that I've made up myself! I've taken to Bob the builder, about the only show that Mom and Dad let me watch... I now ask myself while playing with my toy backhoe..."can you dig it?... YES I CAN!!!"

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The summer of bugs... and a budding musical talent

Wow... it's Sunday already and summer is finally officially here! Happy summer everyone! Turns out Portland is pretty nice so far during the summer. Perfect weather, lots of parties, lots of friends enjoying time outside. This week went by pretty fast. We went to Sophia and Harmony's house again for Art on Friday. Stamped all sorts of cool things all over a big piece of paper. I liked the roller the best. Afterwards, we went OUTSIDE to dig for worms. We were really good at that! We all made sure to show everyone each worm that was found. That evening, I crashed pretty hard on the sidewalk that afternoon... it was really severe, I got a huge goose egg and some scratches. I was crying really hard and when Mom and Dad put a bag of frozen peas on my head... I instantly stopped and said "Owen eat peas" then calmly proceeded to munch on peas for a half of an hour and was just fine afterwards. Of course Mommy was then willing to give me about anything I wanted... but mostly I just ate a ton. Saturday was a busy busy day. We started at the farmer's market... but only after I insisted we go... to see the dinosaurs there (??). I had a quick nap, then we headed down the street to Tanya's house where there was a summer solstice carnival going on... It was soo cool! I did really well with the penny toss, the frisbee toss (my favorite) and with the snail races. The snail races were fascinating. I got to pick out my critter then yell "GO!" There were also temporary tattoos, spin art and hand made fairy vases! I won so many games that I earned a home made ice cream sandwich! Yummy Yummy! We then headed to Joaquin, Val and Ray's house to celebrate Ray finishing up his residency and embarking on his career as an ER Doctor! Congratulations Ray! It was a sweet party, not only because my friends were there, but also because they had a kiddie pool out! It was pretty cold but it didn't even give me pause. I jumped right in and poured a big cup of water on my head... repeatedly! I also got to play some ping-pong and hang out with Aiden, Kai, Alice and of course Joaquin. Today was a little mellower. This morning we had to find a replacement for the toilet lid I broke... but the Rebuilding center is a pretty cool place to look around! Just worked around the yard in the afternoon sunshine. Mom found a harmonica so I jammed a bit before dinner... Scooter sang along...oooooooooooo!

Happy Birthday Uncle Ry!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

HAPPY FATHER'S Day to all you dads and Grandpas out there! You guys rock!
Well, the sun officially was out on and off this week. We still spent until Thursday in our fleeces and long pants, but finally we have had a few really amazing afternoons. I came home on Thursday to a great surprise... Jim was back with his dog Oly! He is so great and I just love fishing with him in the backyard. He is really good at playing. Friday was a fun day with mommy, where we made collages with the neighborhood kids at Sophia's house. Saturday we really ramped up the fun with a big cookout with folks from the lab and Linda, Matt and Andy! Dad tried out his new smoker box and really did a great job on the ribs (Uncle Dudley would be proud!). We are used to dad pulling off really tasty ribs, but these were tasty AND tender! My friends Alice, T-bug, and Andy were all there with their folks (Robyn, Dan, Cat, Chris and Cat's folks, Linda and Matt). We got to spend a great afternoon playing on the grass, in my tent (that's Chris in there with me and Alice) and in my kayak! We got everyone involved and I think that Jim, Trevor, Megan, Leslie and her husband all had a nice afternoon in the sun. I really enjoyed the cupcakes Robyn made and the powdered sugar cookies from Trevor and Megan. Sugar Rush!! Scooter LOVED all of the attention. Even Alice was very sweet to him! I had a fun afternoon, but was so tired at the end of the evening we just crashed! Easiest bedtime ever for Dad and Mom!
Today is Father's Day! Well, what can I say Dad's a great dad! Super great... super dad!!! He even dresses like me :) We started the morning with a little chill time watching Bob the Builder together in the Lazy Boy. Then we bade farewell to Jim and Oly and headed out to breakfast. Not only is breakfast out a pretty special treat, but we got to sit at the bar of Country Cat and watch three chefs working hard getting breakfast out to everyone. I was enthralled to say the least. They were so cool and so fast and best of all... they made pancakes... for me :) Great food... plus entertainment! We headed home and did a bit of berry picking... in our own garden! Dad and I spent some quality time in the backyard, waiting for Mom to wash the berries for us to chow on! When I got up from my nap we had another special treat in store.... We loaded the grey Kayak up on the ol' Volvo and headed over to Bethany Pond in Beaverton. It's a small small lake, but just right for my first kayak fishing excursion. The weather was perfect... Dad and I packed up our rods and launched the boat. I got to help paddle... so it's good I have been practicing in the backyard these past few months. I also did a bit of fishing. And spotted a big carp! I even helped haul the boat back in and over to the car. What an awesome trip... an awesome day and an awesome daddy!!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Strawberry fields...... forever!

In spite of the fact that it is well into June, this week has continued to be wet and grey until today. That hasn't stopped Mom and me from having a great time while Dad was out on anotherwork trip! My friends Caden, Matt and Cascade came through Portland on Monday, so I got to spend some quality time with my pal Caden. We had a nice afternoon, mostly hanging out in Dad's kayak. Matt brought us dinner from burgerville... which meant FRIES which I love. I was good all week with Mom, and even got to ride the bus a few times. Dad got home Thursday, I really missed him this week, and was so excited for him to come home on Thursday that we drove to pick him up in my PJs and I chatted incessantly about Daddy coming home now... airplane... DaddySaturday was pretty special. We started as usual at the Farmer's market, but just to pick up a quick snack of strawberries (they were these intense technicolor berries!) on the way to the Rose Festival parade. This is a big Portland Fest with some really amazing floats, all made of flowers! I thought they were so cool, I spent most of it in stunned silence, though was pretty crazy waiting for it to start! We had a special treat... our friend Matt was the Navy fella on the Salvation Army float... we knew a Rose Festival Celebrity! We had to take off soon after that so I could get a nap in, but I liked what I saw! We stopped by the market (near where we parked) for a quick lunch of a biscuit and carnitas... and more strawberries. We finished up our afternoon picking up a few more fish for my tank... finally some friends for the goldfish!

Today was also exciting. We headed to Kruger Farm out on Sauvie Island for some u-pick strawberries... so yummy! I was eating literally about as fast as mom could pick them for a while. There was a point where the folks started worrying about a tummy ache so Dad distracted me in the adjacent field. Turns out I am not so great at picking berries, not nearly as good as I am at eating them. However, I am great at picking Dandelions and did my best to get every one on the farm (and in our neighborhood as a matter of course). Mom picked up some more food and a pretty peony before we headed home. After more strawberries and a good nap, Mom, Scooter, my pull-toy dinosaur and I all walked to Woodstock for a cookie and back in an effort to take full advantage of what turned out to be a beautiful day. I hope this is a good taste of what the rest of summer will hold. Sunshine and strawberries!
Hey we're just so proud that I have to share... but my pal David (James's Dad) just finished his PhD! Congratulations! They have... sigh... left bodega and headed off to Florida!