Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

HAPPY FATHER'S Day to all you dads and Grandpas out there! You guys rock!
Well, the sun officially was out on and off this week. We still spent until Thursday in our fleeces and long pants, but finally we have had a few really amazing afternoons. I came home on Thursday to a great surprise... Jim was back with his dog Oly! He is so great and I just love fishing with him in the backyard. He is really good at playing. Friday was a fun day with mommy, where we made collages with the neighborhood kids at Sophia's house. Saturday we really ramped up the fun with a big cookout with folks from the lab and Linda, Matt and Andy! Dad tried out his new smoker box and really did a great job on the ribs (Uncle Dudley would be proud!). We are used to dad pulling off really tasty ribs, but these were tasty AND tender! My friends Alice, T-bug, and Andy were all there with their folks (Robyn, Dan, Cat, Chris and Cat's folks, Linda and Matt). We got to spend a great afternoon playing on the grass, in my tent (that's Chris in there with me and Alice) and in my kayak! We got everyone involved and I think that Jim, Trevor, Megan, Leslie and her husband all had a nice afternoon in the sun. I really enjoyed the cupcakes Robyn made and the powdered sugar cookies from Trevor and Megan. Sugar Rush!! Scooter LOVED all of the attention. Even Alice was very sweet to him! I had a fun afternoon, but was so tired at the end of the evening we just crashed! Easiest bedtime ever for Dad and Mom!
Today is Father's Day! Well, what can I say Dad's a great dad! Super great... super dad!!! He even dresses like me :) We started the morning with a little chill time watching Bob the Builder together in the Lazy Boy. Then we bade farewell to Jim and Oly and headed out to breakfast. Not only is breakfast out a pretty special treat, but we got to sit at the bar of Country Cat and watch three chefs working hard getting breakfast out to everyone. I was enthralled to say the least. They were so cool and so fast and best of all... they made pancakes... for me :) Great food... plus entertainment! We headed home and did a bit of berry picking... in our own garden! Dad and I spent some quality time in the backyard, waiting for Mom to wash the berries for us to chow on! When I got up from my nap we had another special treat in store.... We loaded the grey Kayak up on the ol' Volvo and headed over to Bethany Pond in Beaverton. It's a small small lake, but just right for my first kayak fishing excursion. The weather was perfect... Dad and I packed up our rods and launched the boat. I got to help paddle... so it's good I have been practicing in the backyard these past few months. I also did a bit of fishing. And spotted a big carp! I even helped haul the boat back in and over to the car. What an awesome trip... an awesome day and an awesome daddy!!!

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