Sunday, June 01, 2008

New Babies and a Tea Party!

Daddy came home on Sunday, I was so glad to see him, we had a nice week together. Mostly we just hung around at home and had a few special visits. Monday was a holiday, so I hung at home with the folks... and the chicks. This is the last super happy picture of the hosta before the chickens hit it. I guess they like the lovely big leaves. We tried letting them out all day and they did really well, except with this plant. We did have a great afternoon where I got to meet baby Andy and spend some time with Linda and Matt! I was so good with the baby... I gave him "little hugs" and sweet kisses on his arms (and I snuck one on his head). He is so sweet. Otherwise, we just had a nice week. Friday I got to go to my first tea party! Sophia, Harmony and a few other kids and their moms invited us to join them at the Lavender Tea Room. Not only did they have perfect kid food, but they also had tons of clothes for dress up, to make it the perfect tea party experience! Sophia had it down, I liked the wings and some little heels... but didn't really keep any on very long. After being very good during lunch, we ran around outside for a bit before heading home. I thought that 4-year old Lucas was soo cool! We had a quiet weekend, just keeping up with the yard and running errands. We did have a fun evening with T, Chris and Cat at their house for dinner. It was lebanese food, which meant lots of hummus... perfect for me! Mom and I dropped Dad off at the airport this morning, I was sad not to go with him, but there was lots of construction going on around the airport and freeway so I was pretty distracted. Just had another quiet afternoon with mom playing in the yard and chasing the chickens!

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