Sunday, June 08, 2008

Strawberry fields...... forever!

In spite of the fact that it is well into June, this week has continued to be wet and grey until today. That hasn't stopped Mom and me from having a great time while Dad was out on anotherwork trip! My friends Caden, Matt and Cascade came through Portland on Monday, so I got to spend some quality time with my pal Caden. We had a nice afternoon, mostly hanging out in Dad's kayak. Matt brought us dinner from burgerville... which meant FRIES which I love. I was good all week with Mom, and even got to ride the bus a few times. Dad got home Thursday, I really missed him this week, and was so excited for him to come home on Thursday that we drove to pick him up in my PJs and I chatted incessantly about Daddy coming home now... airplane... DaddySaturday was pretty special. We started as usual at the Farmer's market, but just to pick up a quick snack of strawberries (they were these intense technicolor berries!) on the way to the Rose Festival parade. This is a big Portland Fest with some really amazing floats, all made of flowers! I thought they were so cool, I spent most of it in stunned silence, though was pretty crazy waiting for it to start! We had a special treat... our friend Matt was the Navy fella on the Salvation Army float... we knew a Rose Festival Celebrity! We had to take off soon after that so I could get a nap in, but I liked what I saw! We stopped by the market (near where we parked) for a quick lunch of a biscuit and carnitas... and more strawberries. We finished up our afternoon picking up a few more fish for my tank... finally some friends for the goldfish!

Today was also exciting. We headed to Kruger Farm out on Sauvie Island for some u-pick strawberries... so yummy! I was eating literally about as fast as mom could pick them for a while. There was a point where the folks started worrying about a tummy ache so Dad distracted me in the adjacent field. Turns out I am not so great at picking berries, not nearly as good as I am at eating them. However, I am great at picking Dandelions and did my best to get every one on the farm (and in our neighborhood as a matter of course). Mom picked up some more food and a pretty peony before we headed home. After more strawberries and a good nap, Mom, Scooter, my pull-toy dinosaur and I all walked to Woodstock for a cookie and back in an effort to take full advantage of what turned out to be a beautiful day. I hope this is a good taste of what the rest of summer will hold. Sunshine and strawberries!
Hey we're just so proud that I have to share... but my pal David (James's Dad) just finished his PhD! Congratulations! They have... sigh... left bodega and headed off to Florida!

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