Sunday, June 22, 2008

The summer of bugs... and a budding musical talent

Wow... it's Sunday already and summer is finally officially here! Happy summer everyone! Turns out Portland is pretty nice so far during the summer. Perfect weather, lots of parties, lots of friends enjoying time outside. This week went by pretty fast. We went to Sophia and Harmony's house again for Art on Friday. Stamped all sorts of cool things all over a big piece of paper. I liked the roller the best. Afterwards, we went OUTSIDE to dig for worms. We were really good at that! We all made sure to show everyone each worm that was found. That evening, I crashed pretty hard on the sidewalk that afternoon... it was really severe, I got a huge goose egg and some scratches. I was crying really hard and when Mom and Dad put a bag of frozen peas on my head... I instantly stopped and said "Owen eat peas" then calmly proceeded to munch on peas for a half of an hour and was just fine afterwards. Of course Mommy was then willing to give me about anything I wanted... but mostly I just ate a ton. Saturday was a busy busy day. We started at the farmer's market... but only after I insisted we go... to see the dinosaurs there (??). I had a quick nap, then we headed down the street to Tanya's house where there was a summer solstice carnival going on... It was soo cool! I did really well with the penny toss, the frisbee toss (my favorite) and with the snail races. The snail races were fascinating. I got to pick out my critter then yell "GO!" There were also temporary tattoos, spin art and hand made fairy vases! I won so many games that I earned a home made ice cream sandwich! Yummy Yummy! We then headed to Joaquin, Val and Ray's house to celebrate Ray finishing up his residency and embarking on his career as an ER Doctor! Congratulations Ray! It was a sweet party, not only because my friends were there, but also because they had a kiddie pool out! It was pretty cold but it didn't even give me pause. I jumped right in and poured a big cup of water on my head... repeatedly! I also got to play some ping-pong and hang out with Aiden, Kai, Alice and of course Joaquin. Today was a little mellower. This morning we had to find a replacement for the toilet lid I broke... but the Rebuilding center is a pretty cool place to look around! Just worked around the yard in the afternoon sunshine. Mom found a harmonica so I jammed a bit before dinner... Scooter sang along...oooooooooooo!

Happy Birthday Uncle Ry!

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