Sunday, July 27, 2008


Woo Hoo...Mommy came back this Thursday. Pshew... I think it was getting a little long for both of us. Since Mom was visiting our old stomping grounds, she got to visit with lots of friends and family. She also brought me back all sorts of treats, including a bread bear from Wildflour bakery... my favorite! I immediately ate the head and all of his buttons, and loved every bite! I'm also getting going with some trainer chopsticks from Auntie Donna. I'm such a lucky boy. I was so happy Mommy was home, that I asked her to fix my jumper she made me last year so I could wear it! It still is pretty cute on :) I wore it to art with Harmony and Sophia where we played with fun flubber rubber dough. On Saturday, we went to "Tour de Coops" where we got to go and see all of our neighbors' chickens and their coops. Some were pretty darned fancy! I loved seeing all of the chickens, and mom and dad had fun getting ideas to improve our coop! After my nap, we went to Alice's first birthday! Dan and Robyn shared their tonka trucks with me, which was the best, well, next to the yummy cupcakes! Happy first birthday Alice! She sure was nice about sharing her toys and I had a great time in their yard and playhouse. Today was also loads of fun. I got to spend the whole day with my pal Joaquin and his folks. Val and Joaquin joined us for a pancake breakfast in the morning before we headed out for some blueberry picking! I ate a lot.... really, a whole lot, and had a whole lot of fun too. I again, maintained an empty bucket, eating anything that went into my bucket, and much of what was in Val and Mom's bucket as well. It was hard to keep ahead of Joaquin and my eating, so in the end we each walked out with a mere half bucket, but it will do for several batches of blueberry muffins, so I'm happy! Joaquin and I had a lot of fun playing in the grass between the rows, I also tried picking directly... with my mouth. We were pretty tuckered out at the end of the morning... After our nap, we met up with Ray and Daddy at the Oregon Brewers' Festival. The grown-ups got to enjoy some great beers; Joaquin and I enjoyed the music! Pshew, what a big day! What a fun weekend! It's nice everyone is home together for a bit.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Were'd Mommy go?

Where did Mommy go? She must be around here somewhere? I've been spending that last few days with just Daddy and he keeps telling me that Mommy is in California catching little crabs. I'm not sure I believe him yet.

Hey guess what this is? Well, it's my own personal kayak, I made it myself. Here I am paddling around Lake Kitchen.

Anyway, most of last week was pretty boring, pretty much just went to school and came home. But this weekend was fun. On Friday we went to Woodstock Park and played. I really like climbing on the cargo net.

On Saturday we went to the Children's museum where I worked with some clay for awhile. We made mostly balls and snakes that I then mashed with a mallet.

then I got a little wet...
played handy man for awhile...

and did some digging.

I finished the trip to the Children's Museum with some fun at the kid's grocery store. I think my relatives in Tulare, CA might approve.

Finally, today we went to Creston Park where I did some more climbing and later we went to the library to trade in our reading books. I liked the old books and almost had them memorized, but Daddy says we really, really needed new ones.

Anyway, I really can't wait for Mommy to come home. Daddy is fun and all, but he's getting a bit predictable.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Faces of Owen (and good eats at home!)


Sad Face

Silly Face

Scared Face

I've been practicing my expressions a lot at home and at school... In addition to becoming even more expressive with my face, my sentences have become increasingly complete... not only are there lots more verbs, but a bit more whining involved too... we're trying very hard to talk in our normal voice around here. Friday, Mom and I went to Sophia and Harmony's house for art. Since it's been nice, especially in the mornings, we spent the time outside with sidewalk chalk and big paint brushes for water painting. We made some cool pictures then dumped water all over them and watched the chalk spread out. Pearl and her mom were there and brought me my first lollypop... at least that Mom knows about, I knew exactly what to do with it and enjoyed every last lick!It's kind of hot here... so to steam things up even more we decided to do a TON of cooking this weekend. For Mom's birthday, Dad and I got her a "how to make your own cheese" kit and a Bread book that she has been using (a lot) from the library... Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day... so we took made some bread, and made some home made mozzarella and hmmm... what do you do with great dough and fresh mozzarella? We made some Pizza! In an effort to keep some of the heat outside, we cooked it up over the grill... other than a few hot spots on the crust it was YUMMY! I almost ate a whole bite.This morning, i got a special treat. After breakfast we headed out to go blueberry picking... except they closed blueberries... so really we ended up picking a ton of raspberries. Dad felt better that this farm understood me and encouraged "all you can eat is free" while picking. I did my best. You will notice that my bucket remained empty. I started picking pretty well, but then ate all of my berries, and then I would poach berries that the folks had picked, put them in my bucket then eat them. At the end of the morning, I actually (gasp) began to refuse raspberries (double gasp). I had my fill, until a few hours after my nap! The thing when you pick a lot of berries, is that you have to do something with them, and we could only eat so many today. Mom and Dad spent the afternoon making raspberry jam, blueberry and raspberry muffins and playing in the yard with me. Oh did I not mention that other than berries I had been on a food strike again until tonight (sunday) for dinner, where I ate everything (by myself!)! The exclamation point is because I also ate a potato!! Actually several small potatoes! This is a shocker for the folks, If it's not fried, I tend to refuse heartily. Maybe having fresh blueberry muffins in the wings for dessert changed my mind.

Hey Guess what....
I wanted to show you the gals (Goldie, Talulah, and Barbara) again.. they are getting bigger and bigger, and really good at getting into the garden and digging up the newest shoots of whatever mom may try to be planting. As long as they don't touch my sugar peas... I love those things!
Oh, let's just bracket with a smiley face! Mom heads out to Bodega for a while on Tuesday, so it was nice to have a big family weekend together.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Running shoes gotta run!

Happy Fourth of July folks! We have had a pretty quiet long weekend, but it’s been nice. When Grandma Terri was here, she got me these awesome running shoes, so I’ve spent a lot of time running… it all started when Mom realized we just might make the bus if we hurry, and I ran almost all the way to the bus stop… after that you couldn’t stop me if you wanted to!! The weather was a little stormy but has turned just perfect. Friday we spent the morning at the zoo. We hadn’t been in a while so I was extra excited to see “elephants, giraffes and lions!” We sat through a cool bird show and then hit all of my favorite critters before going home. I almost didn’t want to leave the giraffes. I also had a good time in with the lorikeets. No birds tried to land on my head this time, but I did get one to drink out of my cup! We headed home, I was still excited and couldn’t nap, so the folks took me out for a bike ride (I made it to the end of the driveway ...) and then to Creston park to run run run! I ran all around the park, showed off my independent climbing skills and played on the monkey bars (over and over and over!).Saturday Daddy and I went fishin’ at the Tualatin River. I caught my first fish… a pea mouth minnow! After spending about an hour in the Kayak, I was getting squirmy so finished up the afternoon fishing from the dock where I could move around a bit more. I LOVE fishing! Today we spent morning at home, and the afternoon running errands before going to T, Cat and Chris’ house for a cook out. Cookouts are great, they almost always have chips and guacamole! I had fun playing soccer with some big kids and play keep away with the yummy food from Alice and T. In addition to guac, I really loved Robyn’s flourless chocolate cake… apparently I’ve picked up Mom’s chocolate addiction. There was also Leslie’s very impressive strawberry Tall cake! Talk about a good use for yummy strawberries!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!