Sunday, July 13, 2008

Faces of Owen (and good eats at home!)


Sad Face

Silly Face

Scared Face

I've been practicing my expressions a lot at home and at school... In addition to becoming even more expressive with my face, my sentences have become increasingly complete... not only are there lots more verbs, but a bit more whining involved too... we're trying very hard to talk in our normal voice around here. Friday, Mom and I went to Sophia and Harmony's house for art. Since it's been nice, especially in the mornings, we spent the time outside with sidewalk chalk and big paint brushes for water painting. We made some cool pictures then dumped water all over them and watched the chalk spread out. Pearl and her mom were there and brought me my first lollypop... at least that Mom knows about, I knew exactly what to do with it and enjoyed every last lick!It's kind of hot here... so to steam things up even more we decided to do a TON of cooking this weekend. For Mom's birthday, Dad and I got her a "how to make your own cheese" kit and a Bread book that she has been using (a lot) from the library... Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day... so we took made some bread, and made some home made mozzarella and hmmm... what do you do with great dough and fresh mozzarella? We made some Pizza! In an effort to keep some of the heat outside, we cooked it up over the grill... other than a few hot spots on the crust it was YUMMY! I almost ate a whole bite.This morning, i got a special treat. After breakfast we headed out to go blueberry picking... except they closed blueberries... so really we ended up picking a ton of raspberries. Dad felt better that this farm understood me and encouraged "all you can eat is free" while picking. I did my best. You will notice that my bucket remained empty. I started picking pretty well, but then ate all of my berries, and then I would poach berries that the folks had picked, put them in my bucket then eat them. At the end of the morning, I actually (gasp) began to refuse raspberries (double gasp). I had my fill, until a few hours after my nap! The thing when you pick a lot of berries, is that you have to do something with them, and we could only eat so many today. Mom and Dad spent the afternoon making raspberry jam, blueberry and raspberry muffins and playing in the yard with me. Oh did I not mention that other than berries I had been on a food strike again until tonight (sunday) for dinner, where I ate everything (by myself!)! The exclamation point is because I also ate a potato!! Actually several small potatoes! This is a shocker for the folks, If it's not fried, I tend to refuse heartily. Maybe having fresh blueberry muffins in the wings for dessert changed my mind.

Hey Guess what....
I wanted to show you the gals (Goldie, Talulah, and Barbara) again.. they are getting bigger and bigger, and really good at getting into the garden and digging up the newest shoots of whatever mom may try to be planting. As long as they don't touch my sugar peas... I love those things!
Oh, let's just bracket with a smiley face! Mom heads out to Bodega for a while on Tuesday, so it was nice to have a big family weekend together.

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