Sunday, July 06, 2008

Running shoes gotta run!

Happy Fourth of July folks! We have had a pretty quiet long weekend, but it’s been nice. When Grandma Terri was here, she got me these awesome running shoes, so I’ve spent a lot of time running… it all started when Mom realized we just might make the bus if we hurry, and I ran almost all the way to the bus stop… after that you couldn’t stop me if you wanted to!! The weather was a little stormy but has turned just perfect. Friday we spent the morning at the zoo. We hadn’t been in a while so I was extra excited to see “elephants, giraffes and lions!” We sat through a cool bird show and then hit all of my favorite critters before going home. I almost didn’t want to leave the giraffes. I also had a good time in with the lorikeets. No birds tried to land on my head this time, but I did get one to drink out of my cup! We headed home, I was still excited and couldn’t nap, so the folks took me out for a bike ride (I made it to the end of the driveway ...) and then to Creston park to run run run! I ran all around the park, showed off my independent climbing skills and played on the monkey bars (over and over and over!).Saturday Daddy and I went fishin’ at the Tualatin River. I caught my first fish… a pea mouth minnow! After spending about an hour in the Kayak, I was getting squirmy so finished up the afternoon fishing from the dock where I could move around a bit more. I LOVE fishing! Today we spent morning at home, and the afternoon running errands before going to T, Cat and Chris’ house for a cook out. Cookouts are great, they almost always have chips and guacamole! I had fun playing soccer with some big kids and play keep away with the yummy food from Alice and T. In addition to guac, I really loved Robyn’s flourless chocolate cake… apparently I’ve picked up Mom’s chocolate addiction. There was also Leslie’s very impressive strawberry Tall cake! Talk about a good use for yummy strawberries!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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