Sunday, August 31, 2008

Family Fun in Fresno!

This week we went for a visit to Fresno! We have had so much fun visiting with all of the family and friends. However to just back up a day or so... Daddy took a ditch day with me so we could play at home (and get the AC fixed) then spend the afternoon with T-bug, Joaquin, Sophia and a hundred other kids and Captian Bogg and Salty, (a kid's pirate band). I had a ton of fun with everyone and liked pirate music (ARRRRR!!!). Our trip to Fresno the next day started out well with a big bus, train, plane and car ride from PDX to Fresno. I was really well behaved and actually thought I was flying the plane by pushing the seat back button for most of the way. I loved the plane. Grandma Terri picked us up at the airport in Sacramento and soon after we finally made it to her house, Uncle Ry and Grandpa Tom came home. We headed over to the VanVolkinburgs for dinner and more importantly a swim in their pool. Man it's hot out here! I spent all evening playing in the pool with Daddy, Uncle Ryan, Morgan and Andrew and even Mom and both Grandma and Grandpa too! I continue to show no fear in the water and kept insisting that I should jump in "by myself" ... yeah right, not yet. Morgan and Andrew were tireless retrievers of all things that I would throw in the water (which is much more than I can say for the adults)... we had fun. We also got to celebrate Daddy's birthday with the Vans and McGanns, so that was lovely as well. Friday I was in for a treat, my first official office visit with Grandpa Tom. I checked out pretty well, though have a few stains (Mom still blames all of the blueberries I eat). The folks got a lesson on brushing me and I did great! We had lunch at a yummy Japanese restaurant and then went home to nap. After I got up we played with water squirters in the backyard until everyone was soaked. Later that evening Auntie Donna, Uncle John and Jenna joined us for a great dinner, and continued spoiling me rotton with attention and cool toys (these remote controlled backhoe and dumptruck). I love them and have them follow me around like I"m walking the dog.
Saturday we got to head to Tulare! Talk about being showered with attention. I got to visit my Great Grandpa Jerry, Great Grandma Mary, G'Auntie Geralyne, G'Uncles Mark, Steve, Andy and Geary as well as my G'Auntie Jun, and just awesome cousins Jordan, Brittany, Eric and Sara (Pshew, see what I mean by lots of attention and family!). We had a great day, as usual eating until we were silly. We had some yummy belgium waffles for lunch and a great dinner that included pasta (my favorite) and a fig salad that Mom thought was dreamy. I love hanging out with my family, it's such a valuable and special time. We even got to go to my Uncles' store and pick up some icecream (talk about special!).

Today we took things a little easier. We went to see the farm animals at CSUF. I almost got cowlicked! There were some stinky pink piggies and a cool horse who came right up to talk with us and we got to feed him carrots. It was a Hackney Horse, an endangered horse breed, so that was a pretty rare experience. After my nap, I woke up to find Nolan, Susan and Becky over for a visit! We spent the afternoon playing in the back yard, enjoying a relatively temperate day and lots of leggos and trucks. Grandpa Tom and I tried to recreate a picture of G'pa he had taken when he was only a bit older than me... pretty cute!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Visitors and puerquitos

I had a few visitors on Friday, first Grady and his parents Tammi and Steve stopped by in the morning. They were in Portland on vacation and came all the way up from from Valley Ford, CA (near Bodega Bay). We had lots of fun and I really enjoyed visiting with them! I still carry around the kitty card that he brought me... Thank you Grady for being so much fun!

Later that night Joaquin and his parents Val and Ray came over for a fish fry. Joaquin had a lot of fun digging in the wood chips, but I don't think he liked getting chicken poo on this shoe.

Saturday was our first time back to the Portland Farmer's Market in a few weeks. Wow, it's a lot different now that it's late summer and things are in season like peaches. Mmmm .. peachy.

Saturday afternoon Mommy ran some errands and Daddy and I went to Creston Park. I played on the usual equipment...
Did some good running on the grass..

and climbing trees.

Sunday started with a trip to Henry Hagg Lake. Daddy had to meet up with some of his kayak fishing friends, but he brought me and Mommy along and we all had a chance to do some paddling.
Even Mommy took me out this time.

On the way home from the lake we stopped at a "super merchado" (Mexican super market) where we got a lot of neat stuff including a "puerquito" (Mexican pig-shaped molasses cookie).

In case you didn't know this already, it's not easy to smile when you're mouth is full of puerquito.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Go Cart Go!

We had a fun weekend enjoying the heat in Portland! Saturday was the go-cart races in Mt Tabor. We went with Val and Joaquin to see all the crazy and speedy cars zoom down the hill! Some of the slightly less speedy ones were pretty cool in other ways... we saw a polar bear, log car, picnic table and optimus prime! We enjoyed the shade, watermelon and blackberries while waiting for the different racers to go by. That afternoon we went to our neighbor's house for a surprise birthday party! We got to hang out with Mark and Nathalie and their friends for a fun evening with water balloons, chicken watching, squriters, a pinata and a bunch of grown-ups willing and eager to get really wet! It was pretty darned hot out, over 100F. Today cooled off a little bit but it's a bit muggy. This morning, since it was finally a bit cooler, we enjoyed walking around the neighborhood and around Hawthorne. After my nap, we met up with Val and Joaquin at the Creston pool! I had a blast... most of the pool I could touch my feet in, so I got to bounce all around in the water, and practice swimming, floating and splashing! I had a blast and kept on swimming until my lips were turning purple and Mom and Dad had to insist on getting out and getting me all wrapped up like a burrito to warm up. We enjoyed a nice dinner of pasta (my favorite) on the deck. A chicken got a little greedy and actually leaped up to my chair while I was eating!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lucky Boy!

Well, Daddy is out of town again this weekend, so Mom and I have been keeping ourselves busy. I love being able to spend most of my time outside since the weather is just perfect. I've been a little crabby on and off, but I think it is because I miss Daddy and have been fighting off a cold. On Friday I found our first two red tomatoes! I was soo excited until I remembered that I didn't really like tomatoes. That night I wasn't sleeping well, so Mom let me watch some of the opening ceremony for the Olympics. She was pretty excited, but I (finally!) dozed. I can only really pay attention to Bob the builder. Saturday was fun, but a little rough on me. Mom and I went to the farmer's market, and I was practically standing still when I fell flat on my face. I split my lip a little bit and cried really hard... though Mom was able to make out between my sobs "(I) NEED A STRAWBERRY!!!" which as soon as she frantically dug one out of our bags, I calmed down substantially and was able to clean me up. Mom got me a Popsicle in hopes of soothing my fat lip, but I would only stick my tongue way out so that it wouldn't actually make contact with my boo boo. I was a little off the rest of the morning and headed down for a nap without any fuss (should have been a sign to Mom). After I woke up, I was spunky again so we went ahead and headed to Kari and Dan's house for a nice cookout. My friends Joaquin, Val and Ray were there as well as a really great black lab named buddy. I was so glad to see them, Mom's great and all, but I am glad to have some time to play with other folks too. We had a great time running all around, checking out each others shoes, eating chips, though I had another tumble when a giant hug from Joaquin put me off my balance and I bonked my head again!!! I made it home, though was super glad to spend the afternoon with my friends, but went straight to bed for a few more hours and woke up with a fever. Sigh... It's been quite a while since I've been sick. This morning I was raring to go ... again fooling Mom, so we headed out for a leisurely morning picking blueberries... the goal was to get enough for a batch of blueberries, so no pressure to fill up the bucket! Good thing, because as soon as Mom mentioned that we might meet up Dr. and Mrs Sytsma and ride their new tractor, then I couldn't be bothered with mere berries. So... we left with just enough time before my nap for me to visit with Dr. Sytsma (or as I irreverently called him... Dr. Markey) who let me help drive and work the scooper on his loader. We moved Mountains of dirt!!! Though I put on a very serious and shy face, I loved it, and kept talking about the red loader the rest of the afternoon. I napped well, Mom and I just played at home and pet the chickens then ran errands this afternoon which included an "incredible hulk" from the juice stand outside of People's grocery. I was doing pretty well until dinner when I faded again and got a bit warm. I came out just a few minutes ago for some more milk and spied the blueberry muffins Mom was working on and said "I see them! Muffins! I lucky boy!"

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Hmmm, can a weekend go by really fast and really slowly at the same time? Daddy took off for... you guessed it... California for a fishing tournament, so it's been just me and Mom. We've been trying to keep busy. Mostly I've played outside a ton and inside with my leggos.... here's my interpretation of Scooter... in leggos! I had a good week studying colors at school, and on Thursday I got to visit with Joaquin, Val, Ray and Wes at Hopworks.... we had such a nice evening! Friday I got to go to Sophia's house again for art! It was just the two of us... and we had a blast! Harmony had us all set up to make "Clean Mush" with lots of toilet paper, ivory soap and borax. What a hit... we were completely occupied for over an hour! I finally put my feet in it, even though Sophia thought of it ages before! She is pretty bold with some of the squishy stuff. When we got home, we were in for a treat... Goldie had laid us our first egg! That's me kissing it... I was so excited, after running after her yelling "THANK YOU GOLDIE... I LOVE IT I LOVE IT" until the poor chicken was rather frazzled. I then insisted on Mommy immediately cooking it so I could eat it... the moment it was cool enough. Yay Chickens! We didn't get any on Saturday, though had a great trip to the Farmer's Market, where Mom and I split a big ol' cinnamon roll. Had a quiet afternoon running errands. Today was also relatively mellow...We spent the morning at the Children's Museum. (Mom gave me the choice... Zoo, Children's Museum, or Berry Picking... she kept emphasizing the latter, but I was insistent... CHILDREN'S MUSEUM! or California!) .. The camera flash was on the fritz again, so not many good pics, but I had fun playing with clay, helping this croc. brush his teeth, on the stage... until a self proclaimed "director" scared me a bit and I had to leave, in the grocery store (this time I was stocking shelves), the builder room, and of course in the water. It was kind of chilly this morning, so inside play was probably the best choice. We got home and found TWO more eggs today, I think either Goldie laid two, or we have one from Goldie and one from Barbara, which is probably the case. I ate both of these as well... yep, Mom only got the smallest bite. I'm sure one day I can spare one, but not just yet. Mom tried to catch a pic of the bright yellow yolk, but I'm pretty fast.... you can probably just make out the remaining crumbs on my face :)