Sunday, August 03, 2008


Hmmm, can a weekend go by really fast and really slowly at the same time? Daddy took off for... you guessed it... California for a fishing tournament, so it's been just me and Mom. We've been trying to keep busy. Mostly I've played outside a ton and inside with my leggos.... here's my interpretation of Scooter... in leggos! I had a good week studying colors at school, and on Thursday I got to visit with Joaquin, Val, Ray and Wes at Hopworks.... we had such a nice evening! Friday I got to go to Sophia's house again for art! It was just the two of us... and we had a blast! Harmony had us all set up to make "Clean Mush" with lots of toilet paper, ivory soap and borax. What a hit... we were completely occupied for over an hour! I finally put my feet in it, even though Sophia thought of it ages before! She is pretty bold with some of the squishy stuff. When we got home, we were in for a treat... Goldie had laid us our first egg! That's me kissing it... I was so excited, after running after her yelling "THANK YOU GOLDIE... I LOVE IT I LOVE IT" until the poor chicken was rather frazzled. I then insisted on Mommy immediately cooking it so I could eat it... the moment it was cool enough. Yay Chickens! We didn't get any on Saturday, though had a great trip to the Farmer's Market, where Mom and I split a big ol' cinnamon roll. Had a quiet afternoon running errands. Today was also relatively mellow...We spent the morning at the Children's Museum. (Mom gave me the choice... Zoo, Children's Museum, or Berry Picking... she kept emphasizing the latter, but I was insistent... CHILDREN'S MUSEUM! or California!) .. The camera flash was on the fritz again, so not many good pics, but I had fun playing with clay, helping this croc. brush his teeth, on the stage... until a self proclaimed "director" scared me a bit and I had to leave, in the grocery store (this time I was stocking shelves), the builder room, and of course in the water. It was kind of chilly this morning, so inside play was probably the best choice. We got home and found TWO more eggs today, I think either Goldie laid two, or we have one from Goldie and one from Barbara, which is probably the case. I ate both of these as well... yep, Mom only got the smallest bite. I'm sure one day I can spare one, but not just yet. Mom tried to catch a pic of the bright yellow yolk, but I'm pretty fast.... you can probably just make out the remaining crumbs on my face :)

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