Sunday, August 17, 2008

Go Cart Go!

We had a fun weekend enjoying the heat in Portland! Saturday was the go-cart races in Mt Tabor. We went with Val and Joaquin to see all the crazy and speedy cars zoom down the hill! Some of the slightly less speedy ones were pretty cool in other ways... we saw a polar bear, log car, picnic table and optimus prime! We enjoyed the shade, watermelon and blackberries while waiting for the different racers to go by. That afternoon we went to our neighbor's house for a surprise birthday party! We got to hang out with Mark and Nathalie and their friends for a fun evening with water balloons, chicken watching, squriters, a pinata and a bunch of grown-ups willing and eager to get really wet! It was pretty darned hot out, over 100F. Today cooled off a little bit but it's a bit muggy. This morning, since it was finally a bit cooler, we enjoyed walking around the neighborhood and around Hawthorne. After my nap, we met up with Val and Joaquin at the Creston pool! I had a blast... most of the pool I could touch my feet in, so I got to bounce all around in the water, and practice swimming, floating and splashing! I had a blast and kept on swimming until my lips were turning purple and Mom and Dad had to insist on getting out and getting me all wrapped up like a burrito to warm up. We enjoyed a nice dinner of pasta (my favorite) on the deck. A chicken got a little greedy and actually leaped up to my chair while I was eating!

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