Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lucky Boy!

Well, Daddy is out of town again this weekend, so Mom and I have been keeping ourselves busy. I love being able to spend most of my time outside since the weather is just perfect. I've been a little crabby on and off, but I think it is because I miss Daddy and have been fighting off a cold. On Friday I found our first two red tomatoes! I was soo excited until I remembered that I didn't really like tomatoes. That night I wasn't sleeping well, so Mom let me watch some of the opening ceremony for the Olympics. She was pretty excited, but I (finally!) dozed. I can only really pay attention to Bob the builder. Saturday was fun, but a little rough on me. Mom and I went to the farmer's market, and I was practically standing still when I fell flat on my face. I split my lip a little bit and cried really hard... though Mom was able to make out between my sobs "(I) NEED A STRAWBERRY!!!" which as soon as she frantically dug one out of our bags, I calmed down substantially and was able to clean me up. Mom got me a Popsicle in hopes of soothing my fat lip, but I would only stick my tongue way out so that it wouldn't actually make contact with my boo boo. I was a little off the rest of the morning and headed down for a nap without any fuss (should have been a sign to Mom). After I woke up, I was spunky again so we went ahead and headed to Kari and Dan's house for a nice cookout. My friends Joaquin, Val and Ray were there as well as a really great black lab named buddy. I was so glad to see them, Mom's great and all, but I am glad to have some time to play with other folks too. We had a great time running all around, checking out each others shoes, eating chips, though I had another tumble when a giant hug from Joaquin put me off my balance and I bonked my head again!!! I made it home, though was super glad to spend the afternoon with my friends, but went straight to bed for a few more hours and woke up with a fever. Sigh... It's been quite a while since I've been sick. This morning I was raring to go ... again fooling Mom, so we headed out for a leisurely morning picking blueberries... the goal was to get enough for a batch of blueberries, so no pressure to fill up the bucket! Good thing, because as soon as Mom mentioned that we might meet up Dr. and Mrs Sytsma and ride their new tractor, then I couldn't be bothered with mere berries. So... we left with just enough time before my nap for me to visit with Dr. Sytsma (or as I irreverently called him... Dr. Markey) who let me help drive and work the scooper on his loader. We moved Mountains of dirt!!! Though I put on a very serious and shy face, I loved it, and kept talking about the red loader the rest of the afternoon. I napped well, Mom and I just played at home and pet the chickens then ran errands this afternoon which included an "incredible hulk" from the juice stand outside of People's grocery. I was doing pretty well until dinner when I faded again and got a bit warm. I came out just a few minutes ago for some more milk and spied the blueberry muffins Mom was working on and said "I see them! Muffins! I lucky boy!"

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