Sunday, August 24, 2008

Visitors and puerquitos

I had a few visitors on Friday, first Grady and his parents Tammi and Steve stopped by in the morning. They were in Portland on vacation and came all the way up from from Valley Ford, CA (near Bodega Bay). We had lots of fun and I really enjoyed visiting with them! I still carry around the kitty card that he brought me... Thank you Grady for being so much fun!

Later that night Joaquin and his parents Val and Ray came over for a fish fry. Joaquin had a lot of fun digging in the wood chips, but I don't think he liked getting chicken poo on this shoe.

Saturday was our first time back to the Portland Farmer's Market in a few weeks. Wow, it's a lot different now that it's late summer and things are in season like peaches. Mmmm .. peachy.

Saturday afternoon Mommy ran some errands and Daddy and I went to Creston Park. I played on the usual equipment...
Did some good running on the grass..

and climbing trees.

Sunday started with a trip to Henry Hagg Lake. Daddy had to meet up with some of his kayak fishing friends, but he brought me and Mommy along and we all had a chance to do some paddling.
Even Mommy took me out this time.

On the way home from the lake we stopped at a "super merchado" (Mexican super market) where we got a lot of neat stuff including a "puerquito" (Mexican pig-shaped molasses cookie).

In case you didn't know this already, it's not easy to smile when you're mouth is full of puerquito.

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