Sunday, September 28, 2008

Farm Fun!

This week has been lovely. The weather, though undoubtedly autumnal, was warmish during the day, with sunshine and some wind, so lots of outside time. When Daddy set up his tent in the backyard (awesome!!) to dry out, he remembered that his friend Mark had given us a wetsuit for me to grow into. Looks pretty cool! I have had a wonderful week at daycare, where we are making boxes of our favorite things and soaking up some sunshine and plenty of time in the sandbox. Friday, Sophia and I got to make some cool art with some wet paper and shakers of powdered paint. We also spent some time in her garden tasting the tomatoes. Saturday we got to spend the afternoon at Dos Sequioias farm, the land that our CSA (Abundant Harvest) uses. They had a Farm Party! Lots of farm families and share families got together to enjoy a beautiful afternoon at the farm. We had a scavenger hunt, fed some goats some beans, ate great food, and some of the adults even enjoyed a square dance! My favorite things were the big trees, the dirt pile, and.... the bounce house! This was my first bounce house and it was super wonderful, loads of bouncy fun!
I was probably in there for an hour and a half in total for the day (the little kids had to keep switching out with the big kids). That's a lot of bouncing. We also went on a farm tour and saw where our tomatoes, herbs, squash and beans have been coming from, and got a sneak peak at some of the winter squash and pumpkins that were getting ready for our veggie boxes! Farmer Steve helped host a pretty great party and has been working so hard in the fields, everything has been wonderful! Today was Mom and Dad's 6th Anniversary! To celebrate we headed to "My Mountain Hood" again. We enjoyed a morning at an apple farm, where we loaded up on apples and apleskevers, saw some cool decorated pumpkins, and watched some music. Afterwards, we headed over to Lost Lake, rented a row boat and took a fun paddle around the lake. Dad and I even fished a bit (of course) and caught a little rainbow trout but we let him go so he can get bigger. We were out for a while, so to pass the time, I sang the folks a song for most of the trip back to the dock. With the sun out, Daddy rowing the row boat, and Mom enjoying the sun, I think my tunes made the tour of the lake very romantic for them. We rounded up the evening with a nice meal at a mexican restaurant on the way home. I sure do like chips and chicken burritos!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Where are we going?

The beach? THE BEACH!!! I LIKE THE BEACH!!!!!!!
Yep, that pretty much recaps the conversation for the two hour trip we took to the beach this weekend... really it's just my monologue with mom interjecting "where do you think we're going?"

Earlier this week, the folks were impressed by my imagination. It's pretty typical for me to crawl into their bed first thing in the morning, nap a bit before getting up for good. Anyhow, one morning this week, I jumped out of the bed and jumped right back in saying "Ack! The monkey is chasing me!" and another morning I jumped out and crawled around on the floor around their bed saying "I'm swimming! I"m Swimming!!" Anyhow I keep coming up with new things that surprise the folks.... like putting a tomato from the garden in my truck and telling Mom that I was taking it to the big city to make ketchup!
But hey... let's get to the important stuff here! The folks have tagged team a cold all week, which hs been a pity because it was a bit of a last gasp for summer here. Thursday we enjoyed another pretty sunset and dinner on the deck. Daddy and I hung around while Mom recuperated on Friday. He left in the afternoon to "set up camp" and be ready for his fishing derby the next day. Saturday, Mom and I got up and headed over towards the beach where we underwent the above conversation several hundred times. It became kind of a mantra and a way to keep myself from napping! Anyhow when we FINALLY arrived at the beach (oh beach how I have missed you), I set right down to digging a deep deep hole. Scooter dug one too! I think he misses the beach nearly as much as I do. I also made a few sandcastles! After nearly reaching China, then jumping on in the hole and burrying my legs, I was finally convinced to go for a little walk. Daddy and I enjoyed watching the clouds, Haystack rock, the waves, surfers, etc... and best of all getting our feet (and pants) all wet! Nothing like playing in the sand when you're all wet! After a fun day at the beach, and a snack at the pelican brewery, we go to hang out at a campfire, which I found mesmerizing. Tents are the best, I loved sleeping in one and after a busy day, crashed out quickly. Lucky thing I was soo tired, because it rained last night and the water creeped in just a bit. We headed home early Sunday morning, just in time to meet with John! We had a great brunch with him at Bridges. I love spending time with him when he comes through Portland. Otherwise, just had a nice afternoon, played outside between sprinkles and went for a nice walk... Happy Fall!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I hope you saw the moon!

[UPDATED: Daddy figured out some way to recover deleted photos, so here are a few.]
I found this cute ladybird beetle (I love'em!) on my shoe, and after chatting for a bit, gave her a new home on our basil plant :)

Mom's computer is freezing up consistantly, so we will simply condense the events of this week down to a list-o-fun...

.5 Oh Yeah... first thing first! Talulah laid her first egg! Now we have some beautiful blue ones to our toasty brown egg stash. We are so proud of her... finally!

1. Friday... Stamping art at Sophia's!
2. Saturday... Dim Sum with Robyn, Dan, Alice, Val, Ray and Joaquin... yum and thank goodness for those crab tanks... very amusing
and then some fun time outside in the parking lot... the kids are happier when free to roam!
3. Then we spent the afternoon making pickles and freezing beans from our CSA , I was also a bit cranky... turns out I had a touch of something that gave me a fever, but it was gone by morning.

4. Sunday... Busy day, but lots of fun, went to "My Mountain" aka "Mountain Hood" and spent the morning at trilium lake, where Mountain Hood is beautifully reflected, and the baby trout were biting and I caught my second fish ever! A 5" little rainbow trout, beautiful... we let him go. I also played in the water and had a beautiful day outside. Then we headed over to the mirror lake trail. Although we didn't quite make it to the lake, we did pick a few handfuls of huckleberries enroute. Yum!5. ... and that evening... We met up with Joaquin Val and Ray at the Chapman Elementary School, to see the Vaux swifts... a swarm of swifts ... thousands of them come and roost in the chimney of the school. It was quite the sight. As well as the rising of a full autumnal moon! We shared dinner, tea and mooncakes with our friends and a few hundred other Portlanders.

Oh, sounds like Dad is able to recover some of the pictures. I'll just tack 'em on as we recover them! Thanks for your patience :) We also found an oldie but goodie, look at that cute baby :)